​Is Opal the Latest Engagement Ring Trend?

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Opal Engagement Ring Halo 925 Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Marquise Milgrain Wedding Band

It’s 2018, and everyone is looking beyond diamonds for their engagement rings. The question is “ What is the latest engagement ring trend for brides to be?” There is a gem that possesses a vintage quality and has a special one-of-a-kind look. This gem is Opal!

Opal Engagement Rings have existed for like forever, but they are slowly gaining popularity again among millenials. They are beautiful, unique but fragile stones. Opal, like any other gemstone has its pros and cons so before you make your final decision, here’s what to consider.

Deep Meaning

If you are looking to get your fiancee an engagement ring that has a significant history tied to it, then opals are the perfect choice. Opals are steeped in history, going back to the middle ages where they were believed to posses special powers , including making the wearer become invisible.

Opals have a mystical background connected to the moon about them. If your partner has a special style and like pondering the world about her, opal is the gem to take her breath away.


One reason opal engagement rings have risen in popularity is because it affords couples the ability to be creative, without straying too far off their comfort zones. While diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, they are far too traditional. Sometimes, we need to ring things up and bring in some excitement with spontaneity in unexpected things. For ladies who do not want to sacrifice elegance on the air of uniqueness, white opal is the best of both. White opals are bright and bold, and classy.


If you are on a budget, opal engagement rings provide a beautiful option when you cannot get traditional diamond rings. Depending on where you are buying your engagement ring from, opals can cost anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

If you are going for a solitaire opal on the band or a line with smaller gems, the price would be affected, but after all said and done, opal is still more affordable and affords greater creativity than some other gems.


Although opals are mysterious and beautiful stones, they may not last for a long time if you plan to keep them for many years. Compared to diamonds, opals can easily crack. Their colors can fade depending on whether the gem was smoked to give a darker color.

Before making a purchase, do your due diligence to research about this stone and ensure your future wife is thoughtful when she wears it in the kitchen, cleaning or gardening, as this fragile gem can be easily damaged. However, an engagement ring box should help in protecting your opal at all times.

Unique Gem

Opals are loved by millenials because they are one-of-a-kind type of stone. No opal stone has the same appearance as another, so if she is looking for something someone else might not have, you can be sure opal is the choice.

The vintage quality of opal is another reason why many women love it. Back when Queen Victoria began collecting opals and giving them away as gifts, it became fashionable. If you want a feel of royalty, opals have the history that you can’t find in many other stones.

More Research

Due to the fragile nature of opals. You must ensure you are getting yours from a jeweler known for dealing in the highest quality gems. This doesn’t mean that opal is a bad choice, but you should research the jewelers who have plenty experience dealing with this stone.

If you’ve decided to get an opal engagement ring today for your proposal, we have the best quality opals in the market.

8x12mm Pear-shaped African Opal Engagement ring/14k rose gold

7mm Round Cut Opal Engagement Ring,14k Rose Gold

opal engagement ring rose gold Tear drop pear shaped in 925 sterling silver

Opal Engagement Ring Set Pear Shape 925 Sterling Silver CZ Diamond Curved Wedding Band

Opal Engagement Ring 14k 18k Rose Gold 925 Sterling Silver Cluster CZ Cubic Zirconia Diamond


opal engagement ring rose gold Baguette Cut Petite in 925 sterling silver

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