Is it Time to Replace Your Dentures With Dental Implants?

by Shamir D. Digital Marketer

Many people are switching from traditional dentures to dental implants and reaping the benefits. Is there, however, a significant difference? Are dental implants simply an expensive technology that performs the same function as traditional dentures but at a much higher cost? This article will examine the benefits and drawbacks of dentures and dental implants to help you decide which option is best. To find out about Aspen Dental Dentures Reviews, click here


Dentures are artificial tooth replacements that can be worn on both the lower and upper gums. They are a relatively inexpensive form of tooth replacement that can be constructed quickly and cheaply, and they are a satisfactory solution where budgets are limited. Dental implants, in comparison, are costly; however, with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, as opposed to dentures, which must be replaced every few years to improve comfort and fit.

Time for the procedure

A complete set of dentures can take up to 5 appointments to complete. This is the time required to create dentures that meet the patient's aesthetic needs. After the dentures have been fitted, a follow-up appointment after one week may be necessary to check for any sore spots and assess the fit and feel of the dentures. Dental implants are much more time-consuming, especially when several procedures are involved, such as bone grafting, implant insertion, and prosthetic creation. Dentures are the best option for a quick-fix solution.


Dentures rarely feel or function the same as natural teeth. Lower dentures are prone to becoming loose and shaky. When a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone weakens, resulting in bone loss and gum shrinkage, and the fit of lower teeth dentures is severely compromised over time. Lower dentures that are too loose can cause mouth irritation and pain.

Denture glues can help to improve fit, but the process is messy and inconvenient. Because of the suction in the roof of the mouth, upper dentures are far easier to wear than lower dentures. This suction aids in the retention of upper dentures. Although they stay in place better than lower dentures, they suffer from the same bone loss and gum shrinkage issues. Partial dentures are a better option because they are clipped to the teeth on either side to keep them in place, but they can damage the good teeth and have the same chewing and talking issues.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are incredibly comfortable. Although the procedure is excruciating due to the various surgeries and healing times involved, dental implants last a lifetime and function exactly like your teeth once fully healed. Dental implants can lead to a lifetime of normal teeth function without adhesives, replacements, or unnecessary discomfort if the gums and teeth are kept clean.


Dental implants can last a person's entire life if properly cared for, and regular checkups with your dentist are scheduled. Dentures can last up to thirty years but are severely worn by then. Some patients, however, become accustomed to a precise fit. So, after a few years, dentures are usually remade and re-lined.


Dentures, while a satisfactory tooth replacement, can interfere with speech and chewing due to how they are fitted. Most people fear their dentures falling out or becoming loose, so they avoid broad smiles or even opening their mouths. Also, bone loss can cause gum shrinkage, which can change the shape of the mouth and cause sagging over time.

Dental implants look and function exactly like your natural teeth, so talking and chewing are not an issue. Furthermore, complementary bone grafting and gum grafting procedures, usually required before implant placement, can help make your face look younger by removing the sagging effect caused by tooth loss.

In conclusion, both solutions have advantages; however, dental implants may be the best option if you want a solution that looks and feels exactly like your natural teeth.

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