Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Photos from Laptop?

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Many Laptop users have suffered the same Dilemma: accidentally deleted photos on laptops. After the photos are deleted from the device, the most troublesome and stressful question arises, whether or not it is possible to recover deleted photos from Laptop? 

You might have emptied your recycle bin, and thus the assumption comes that the photos can never be recovered because it has been removed permanently. But is there no solution to such incidence? There is! 

Your deleted photos won’t be gone forever, you can gain them back. Your precious data, photos, and files have the solution to be getting recovered back to you. Keep calm if you find yourself into any situations like this. 

The best way to recover your data is to use a good photo recovery software. You can have great benefits from it and it recovers permanent files too. Let’s get started to see whether is it possible to recover photos in your case? 

What are the Reasons for Photos to be deleted from your Laptop?


  • Recycle bin emptied accidentally or intentionally 

  • Deleted images from the laptop if the recycle bin is filled up

  • Formatting, resetting or restoring factory data setting on the Laptop

  • Deleting photos because the laptop storage got full

  • You have set not to move deleted photos to the Recycle bin

  • Deleting photos of external hard drive and drive is connected to the laptop and later files are deleted permanently

  • The photo becomes inaccessible due to file getting corrupted, virus, or other attack and thus you deleted it. 

Such circumstances scare everyone, and we question ourselves whether these tough scenarios have any possibility of gaining back what’s lost?

Is It Possible to Recover Photos from Laptop?

Well, it is possible to some extent to get back your lost photos/images or complete the photo folder from the laptop.

When you add new data, it simply overwrites on the existing data and the old data lost the chance of getting recovered. This is one scenario where gaining back your data is pretty impossible. 

Ways to Recover Your Deleted Photos:

If you are wondering what ways are possible to get the photos back, it’s time to get the answer to the main question. There are 3 ways to restore the permanent photos on the laptop

  1. You can recover the picture with photo recovery software

  2. You can retrieve your photos by using existing backup without using the software

  3. Restore from the previous version option that you get on the Window setting

Your permanent photos from the laptop can be deleted because you have clicked the “shift + Delete” button or emptied your recycled bin. When this happens, you probably need to stop using your laptop instantly and do not do anything extra. 

All the deleted pictures of the laptop should be considered as Deleted files and they are waiting to be overwritten by the new data that you add.

They are invisible; thus, it may refer to you as lost completely. However, they are not! If you do any further operation to restore, you may lose the valuable chance of getting them back. 

What you need to know is, rely on any data recovery solution or data recovery software. This will help you give a great chance of getting your deleted photos back in no time. Download the photo recovery software application on your laptop, windows now! 

Tips to Avoid Photo Loss on Laptop.

If you are trying to figure out how to keep your photos secured and not to be getting into this troubling situation again. There are many tips to follow that you must know. Here are a few of the things, the three important steps to follow:

1.Back-Up Your Data 

Data Backup is Important: It is also important to ensure that you backup your data so that your data be in safe hands. In the future, you do not want this particular scenario to be repeated. Thus, a backup can be of great help. Protect your precious photos using the following steps:

  • Click start and open the control panel

  • Click on the “System and Security” Then navigate through the “Backup and Restore” and then go to “Set up Laptop”

  • Select the option “Backup and Restore” and then on the left panel and on that, you can choose the option “Create a System Image’

  • System- System protection- Create

It is strongly recommended that you create a backup of your file on the Internet or clouds like Google Drive, Clouds, DropBox, etc. You can additionally make a copy of all the images, photo folders on an external hard drive. 

  1. Install Anti-Virus Solution

It is best to download and Anti-Virus software on your computer and to keep it updated. Virus attacks will majorly cause data loss, but with software, you will be protected and your data will get restored. These malicious viruses won’t cause any harm to you. 

  1. Beware of user Error

As mentioned, accidentally deleting photos is a major cause of photos getting permanently deleted. And there is also the possibility that you might have emptied your recycled bin. Human error is in your control and is the common reason of all. Just calm down while using your Laptop and be alert when you delete any picture. 

Techchef to the Rescue for Photos Recovery on Laptop.

The data recovery issue is pretty common amongst all laptops and other electronic gadget users. If you have recently lost your data, you must understand that the possibility of gaining it back is present. 

Techchef is a leading Data recovery and Data sanitization solution provider. We have been in the business for a very long time and have handled so many clients in delivering 100% data recovery solution. 

Our efforts are to use the latest technology in recovery solutions. We have a clean data recovery room to protect and safeguard your device and we only allow our expert to enter the room. It can happen so that the ways mentioned here won’t provide you with any solution, as the matter may be very complex. 

In such scenarios, you can reach us for help and we will guarantee 100% recovery. Techchef has a professional team and approach to handling our customer's problems and providing them with on-time service. 

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