Is It Better To Build Out – Or Up – When Planning a Home Addition Evanston?

by Enso dental Dentist in Perth
Adding on to a home can be a very convenient investment. If your family has grown but you love your location and neighbors, a home addition can help alleviate the overcrowding. Home additions improve the market value of your property, can be used to house family members, and can also generate an income by renting out the extra space. One thing to think about when planning a home addition Evanston is whether you should build out – or up.

First Factor Depends on the Room

One of the first things to take into account on where you're going to be building is the type of room that's being added on. Something like a bedroom or bathroom is versatile enough that it can be added on or up from the existing square footage. A space such as a three seasons room is something that would be better suited adding on to a home.

Do You Have the Space?

Actually before you can figure out the type of room you want to contract for your home addition Evanston, you first have to make sure you have the space to add on. Are you going to be using up valuable landscape by building out? Are you going to be too close to neighbors by building out? Are there buried utility lines or a septic system that are going to need to be moved which will add an incredible amount of money to the cost of the project? These are all questions to consider when making this choice.

How Big of An Undertaking Is the Project?

One of the great things about building up is that you are able to maintain a lawn, deck, outdoor patio, etc. that increases your home's market value. That being said, building up can also be a huge undertaking as you've got to basically 'pop the top' of your home which involves moving the roof and trusses, building flooring, etc. While building out does use up space, it is also much easier to 'tie into' the existing home. Many times building 'out' for your home addition Evanston actually improves the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home.

Another thing to remember is that building up puts an incredible amount of strain on the existing build of the home. More specifically, you're adding a lot of weight to the foundation. You have to add a very strong structural support for the second (or third) story flooring and work will need to be done on basically every existing room of the home (patching drywall, painting the new ceiling, etc.). Some cf our customers have found that if they're in love with the location but need more space, the best thing to do is tear down and build new.

These are just a few of the issues that need to be considered when contracting a home addition Evanston. There are permit and building code issues to consider as well as intricacies such as finding somewhere to live if planning on removing the roof to build up. Luckily, MG Bros has some very solid answers for any home addition questions you may have. It may not always be the easiest project to go through – but our clients say that adding space to their home has been well worth it.

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