Is iOS App Development the Definitive Future?

by Carol Dobson Marketing Head at Kanhasoft

Mobile app development market is growing at a rapid rate without any end coming into sight. It is an industry that is steadily incorporating the services of both professional companies and proficient individualize to achieve its main goals. Back in those days, the digital market was completely focused on web, but things have taken a different turn especially now that virtually everybody wants to specialize in mobile.

Now, there is rarely any business or any other thing that one would want to do that doesn’t require the services of a specialized & top mobile app development company. However, it is interesting to see how iOS apps are driving the best approach to enhance, improve & upgrade these developments. Since the iPhone has been introduced to the market in 2008, there has been a surge in iPhone design and development.

Nowadays, due to the overwhelming importance of the smartphone, their demand has been increasing day by day. Interestingly, this relatively new technology is yielding an increased employment & work rate for many skilled & expert mobile developers. Many top app development companies are now on the lookout to hire potential & skilled app developers.

The implementation of iOS has led to a more remarkable impact in the modern digital world, as there are several operating systems (OS) on the mobile space seeking to capture more customers through a range of viable strategies. Today, as many app developers and app development companies are getting on the platform to promote & market their strategy and enhance mobile app development.  

Apple’s iOS is one of the most well known mobile OS (operating system) that requires a specialized & specific way to develop mobile apps. Compare to regular web apps and desktop software, developing mobile applications on this platform requires a more strategic planning and implementation.  

iPhone Application Development on its way up

In a recent couple of years, iPhone app development has emerged to become one of the biggest & successful business ventures in the world. This is mainly because virtually every business organization and individual wants to get on the platform to make their ideas, product or services known. On the other hand, Apple makes sure that users get to use these apps & get the best out of it with no hassle. To this end, compared to industry standards they have succeeded to establish certain strict standards & Apple’s design paradigm to be followed by every individual developer or an app development company who plan to release their apps on the platform.  

Before any app can gain visibility in the iPhone app store, such an app must undergo a thorough some intense process of design and development based on the strict standards established by iPhone app development. This includes smooth UX/UI, thematic structures and continuity.

In a game to keep up with the increasing demands of mobile apps, many top app development companies are already setting up a global team of sophisticated & skilled iPhone app developers and designers that expertise in developing visually stunning apps for a wide range of customers.

Key Reasons Why iOS is All Set to Be the Future of Mobile App Development

1. Coding - Swift

The foundation of app development lies in the coding, if that is weak or goes down, the app is not going to be a great one either. Swift, the newly launched popular programming language has been warmly welcomed, accepted and is being widely used by iOS app developers of all scale and backgrounds. The language delivers on its promise of delivering better results with minimal & fewer coding. The language, in fact also act as an efficient translator between the computer and the coder, thus making it easy for the computer to understand what is expecting it to perform.

2. High-Quality Emulators

iOS emulators have no comparison with other operating systems in terms of speed & support. This makes the iOS emulators better in terms of performance by helping the iOS developers in speeding up the process of app development and in making it a whole lot easier.

3. Low Time Consumption

As it is known that developing Android app development requires longer codes and it has slower emulators which is time-consuming as it slows down the whole process of app development for the Android OS. While on other hands, iOS app development is supported by Swift (which requires shorter codes) and faster emulators which means that it requires a lot lesser time.

4. Better Developer Support & Tools

Compare to other operating systems including one of the market leaders – Android, Apple shows great commitment to its developer supports and also offer the superior tools compared to all the other operating systems.

5. Lesser Fragmentation

Even if you are yet not convinced with the above reason then let me share you that a perfectly developed Android app has a high chance of running into bugs because Android app has to deal with a huge number of brands, screen sizes, and platforms! However, in case of iOS app development the number of versions and types of devices are limited, thus comparatively making it simple & easy to build the apps & reducing the chances of unforeseen bugs in the app.

6. Higher Revenue

Based on the research and surveys, it is identified that iOS users are generally of a higher income group on an average. This means that iOS users being more conducive to spending on apps and within an app is a lot higher than the average Android user. This means the developers and app development companies would definitely prefer to develop apps for iOS in place of Android.

Bottom Line:

Its proved that iOS apps are less time-consuming to build and earn more revenue. iOS users spend more on apps and also readily upgrade to higher versions of OS. So switching to iOS app development is thus definitely worth considering.

KanhaSoft has been one of the leading companies for iPhone App development and takes pride in its team of highly experienced iOS developers. Hire dedicated iOS developers and build customized apps for your business or organization.

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