Is Hair Restoration The Best Solution For Hair Loss?

by Andrew Martin Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the most devastating cosmetic concerns as there is no way that you could grow your lost hairs back. Hair loss has become a sensitive issue as it does have a negative psychological impact which could be even more distressing than the physical morbidity. As looks and personality are accounted as among the most important factors for having social, personal and professional success, finding hair loss solution has become critically crucial. People are reported to have demotions due to their unhealthy looks and especially unhealthy looking bald scalp.

Solutions for hair loss

When you face hair loss it is apparent that the first thing you would do is to treat the situation at your own level with various kinds of natural and chemical based remedies. But there are high chances of these products being ineffective if the hair loss you are facing is permanent.

Hair patches, wigs or prosthetic hairs are another set of hair loss solution which could successfully hide the bald area. These aids might work for you but surely are temporary ones which could be really embarrassing and frustrating. These aids need regular maintenance and replacements which could be a tedious job. Thus, people make it a choice but don’t rely on it for a longer period of time.

Medications are a feasible solution for hair loss which has found to be helpful in hair loss issue. Minoxidil and Finasteride are largely popular medications available in the market which are intended to lowers the progression of hair loss and fasten the hair growth of existing hairs giving a fuller look. But the impact of these medications is questionable and the relapse rate of the results is high once the medications are stopped. Including, there are side effects of the medication Finasteride and is not recommended for reproductive aged females.

The final and the most effective solution is hair transplant procedure which is undoubtedly the best if you are looking for something permanent.

Hair restoration and its procedure

Hair restoration is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which successfully provides maximum possible coverage on the bald area and also enhances the look by correcting the hairline if you are not happy with the existing ones. The hair transplant procedure is performed by extracting out hair follicles from the area of the body which possesses permanent hair roots and these hair roots are then transplanted at the bald head. The commonest area where permanent hair roots reside are back and sides of the head and alternative areas could be the body hairs.

The hair transplant procedure involves multiple steps which are performed in single session including:

1.      Administration of the local anesthesia at the donor and the recipient bald area

2.      Harvesting of the hair grafts from the areas which have permanent roots which stay for life-time.

3.      Preparation of the slits at the recipient bald area

4.      Transplantation of the hair follicles at the recipient site

5.      Delivery of post procedural instruction

6.      Follow ups

Hair transplant in Delhi has become a popular treatment modality which has been considered the best option for hair loss solution. Delhi has become a preferred destination majorly because of the renowned hair transplant surgeons practicing in the city who have worldwide popularity for presenting the best hair transplant outcomes. Including, the hair transplant cost in Delhi has also become very affordable as the procedure is widely available in the city and has a huge competition.

Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeon of India who is popular for delivering assured and desired hair transplant outcomes with high success rate. He has gained lot of reputation and appreciation because of his astonishing sense of art to design hairline in absolutely natural way. His skills and in depth knowledge has undoubtedly made him one of the most approached hair transplant surgeon in India.

Is hair restoration the best solution for hair loss?

Apparently, hair transplant is the best solution for hair loss as the procedure has many advantages over other possible treatment modalities for hair loss described above. The benefits of the hair transplant procedure are explained as follows:

1.      The hair transplant procedure delivers the permanent outcomes which stay for life as the transplanted roots are permanent ones.

2.      Hair transplant procedure delivers absolutely natural looking results. But the hairline would look natural only when the procedure is performed by a competent hair transplant surgeon.

3.      Hair transplant procedure does not need any after care once the donor and the recipient area is healed within 7 – 10 days. The hair transplant procedure uses your own hairs which grows naturally like other existing hairs and does not need any medications for that.

4.      Hair transplant provides the long term benefits when the procedure is performed judiciously could be repeated for up to 3 times when the hair loss progresses in other areas apart from the transplanted ones.

If you want to have the best solution for hair loss, obviously hair transplant is worth choosing procedure. For best hair transplant surgery, visit Medispa hair transplant clinics as we are the best and leading in the hair transplant industry.

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