Invest in Best Quality Leak Proof Underwear for Leak-Proof Periods Protection

by Shally Warner Owner

If you're tired of relying on pads and tampons during your period, and even more tired of leaks and discomfort, then it’s definitely the time to consider a new option to get you through that special time of the month. Menstruation or periods is a natural process and every woman in her reproductive years have to go through it. The flow of blood for approximately five days each month shouldn’t interfere with our daily life routine such as work, school, travel, etc. This time can be made more comfortable and enjoyable by using high-end sanitary hygiene products like leak-proof underwear for periods. This underwear is designed to eliminate the possibility of staining or leakage due to excessive flow. Period underwear looks like a regular underwear but comes with an in-built pad. It is worn just like a regular panty but comes with a bug advantage, a built-in organic cotton pad that absorbs your flow and blocks odor as at the same time.

Periods are not pleasant—that's valid (and obvious). It’s something that happens to half of the world's population on a monthly basis for a large chunk of our life. The most recognizable brands of disposable Period underwear, also known as period panties is by PantiePads and UndiePads. They are an easy way to abandon sanitary napkins and tampons, and they actually work. This is a disposable panty and cannot be used again, which is very convenient and without the added inconvenience of washing bloody underwear. The built-in pad in the panty is designed to absorb liquid 10x it’s weight, and stays period-proof for up to 12 hours. The super absorbent pad stays in place and doesn’t get bunched up or shift from its place even if the user is a very restless sleeper. The panty or underwear for period is made of breathable fabric which makes it easy to allow flow of air and is healthier for the wearer. They keep you protected, dry and leak-free at the same time. PantiePads and UndiePads is available in a huge range of sizes, from XS to 2XL.

Another major benefit of this product is that it is very easy to dispose of. It can be conveniently disposed of in a provided ‘toss n go’ disposal bag. This product has proved to be a God send for many women who have no choice but to work or study and they cannot allow periods to put brakes on their life and daily schedule. It is for this exact reason a disposable underwear for period was created and is being accepted by women worldwide who want to experiencing a stress-free period.

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