Inverter room air conditioners – The latest technology that brings more savings, more cooling

by Amili R. SEO

The field of technologies has been rapidly evolving since last few years. Be it smartphone or air conditioning, people get surprised with newer elements in the market after few days. This is really good as it paves the way for delightful development of product for a better future of us and our planet. In field of air conditioning, inverter technology is known to become a trending one quickly.

The rising demand for eco-friendly home air conditioning has pushed the evolution of inverter room air conditioners that make the promise of delivering more cooling without burning a hole in the buyer’s pocket.

In typical room air conditioners, the installed compressor is an ON or OFF type which means it either works at the optimum capacity or none at all. It gets ON when the room thermostat asks for cooling and gets OFF when the set temperature has been reached. This phenomenon is repetitive with the variation of load in the room.

The improvements in power electronics have permitted the inverter technology to prosper with the use of microcontroller and IGBT modules to control the compressor’s DC or AC motor. The speed of the compressor motor can be changed by employing the adjustable frequency drive.

This is achieved by changing the incoming AC supply to DC voltage and then moderates it by modifying the voltage, current and frequency of the electricity to the compressor. This change in power frequency controls the speed of the compressor using a highly complex electronics control circuitry.

Benefits of inverter room air conditioners

Keeping well-informed with the newest technology has many advantages than remaining outdated. Here are some of the reasons why you must consider choosing an inverter air conditioner.

·         Energy Savings is one of the most crucial factors to look for when buying an air conditioning system. Over time, the benefit overshadows the primary cost. The inverter technology employs less energy in comparison to the traditional system.

·         Ozone Friendly refrigerant like R410a is used in most of the inverter air conditioners. This refrigerant has only HFC as compared to R22 which has HCFC, a supplementary chlorine component that damages the ozone layer of the earth.

·         Comfort is another plus point with this kind of air conditioning. During start-up, the compressor operates at full speed to enable quick cooling to the room. After the set room temperature has been reached, the speed of the compressor is controlled given the variable frequency drive based on the needed cooling load of the room.

Whether you’re looking to buy air purifiers online or an inverter AC, it is necessary to invest in the latest technology so as to get best results.

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