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No one likes to paint a backyard fence. You could use a paint sprayer, but you have overspray and they are messy to clean up. You could use a roller and brush, but that takes lots and lots of time with lots and lots of drips. Your best option is to install a vinyl fence in Tampa, FL. They never need to be painted, withstand the elements, and look great year after year.


Installing a vinyl fence is actually less work than building a wood fence. It’s like assembly a puzzle with rectangle pieces. Basically, you attach pre-assembled fence sections between posts. Here are the steps to follow.

 Step #1 – Prepare the area – If your area is clear where you plan to install the fence, you’re good to go. If not, walk the area and remove bushes and plants in the way of the new fence. Grade the area level with a rake. You can eyeball it for level or use stakes and string to be more precise. Drive in two stakes and then attach a string low to the ground. Put a level of the string to see if you are level. If not level, rake dirt or dig away to get a level surface. Once the fence is in place you can regrade for your landscaping.

 Step #2 – Lay out the fence area – As in step #1, drive in stakes at each corner of the fence. Then attach a string from each stake. You want right angles at all corners. So, use a framing square to ensure your corners are set at 90 degrees. Most fences follow property lines. If you want to avoid any disputes with neighbors build the fence several inches on your side of the property. You can find the property line by going to the street. Most cities will drive in a stake at the curb to demarcate property lines.

 Step #3 – Purchase materials – You may have already figured out how much fencing materials you need. You can get a more precise measurement now the complete area is staked out. You’ll need posts and then sections to attach to the posts. Vinyl fencing sections can be purchased in lengths from two to eight feet. These are the lengths of sections between the posts. There are also decorative sections you can buy. For example, you may have a section that is 6 feet tall for privacy and then a latticed section on top that is see-through for decoration and to let the light in.

 Step #4 – Set your posts – Check building codes for your area, but plan on setting the post 18 inches in concrete. Then cut posts to the same height and slip the vinyl post sleeves down over the wood posts. A variety of caps can be purchased depending on your style choice.

 Step #5 – Attach fence sections – Now you’re ready to assemble and attach the sections between the posts. This part of the job goes pretty quick and before you know it, you’ll be standing back admiring your vinyl fence in Tampa, FL.

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