Influencer Marketing: investments have increased with the emergency

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Globally, the resources allocated to influencers are increasing. In Italy 1 out of 3 companies choose this type of advertising. Here's what the data says and what the risks are

Even the world of influencer marketing has been “ influenced ” by the pandemic: in general, companies have focused on this type of advertising, trusting in the opportunities given by the lockdown. In fact, consumers having to stay at home would surely have relied on their favorites and on the opinion leaders of the web to make their purchases. But how has the sector changed in 2020 ?

The Face Value Report by Duff & Phelps and Kroll analyzed the evolution of the phenomenon during the emergency, taking into consideration 900 between brand managers and marketing experts working in the consumer goods sector. One of the first data is that certainly many companies have increased the resources to be allocated to this type of activity, but many have had negative results . The reason is related to the choice of an influencernot in line with the target, which in some cases has even caused losses and ruined the company's reputation. Choosing in a very targeted way the person who has to represent a brand is one of the fundamental steps for the success of the operation. Here's what the research reveals.

·         Influencer marketing in 2020: investments increase

·         Influencer marketing: what are the risks

Influencer marketing in 2020: investments increase

Undoubtedly, the increasingly rampant use of digital devices has boosted the influencer sector and according to research during the lockdown, two-thirds of brands that produce or sell consumer goods have kept their investments stable compared to the pre-Covid era. , while 19% increased them. In Italy, one in three companies increased their resources for influencer marketing during the emergency months.

The 46% of the sample interviewed admitted that by 2021 up to half of the budget for advertising will own the industry influencer , while 8% think they even use 70% of total resources. The report revealed that Italy is the country where people spend the most for this type of advertising.

But how do companies behave?

Usually companies divide the budget between various influencers , exactly 45% of companies claim to work with 50-100 influencers at the same time . Many companies have seen a good return on investment, so currently a large part of the budget that was used for traditional channels is currently allocated to digital ones. The lockdown has given an important impetus to particular types of online marketing, in particular to infuencers.

Influencer marketing: what are the risks

According to the Face Value Report, 25% of global companies considered have had a negative experience with influencers , accusing losses of between 100,000 and 250,000 dollars. Even in Italy, the same percentage of brands had a negative response. This consequence is linked to two factors: the increase in resources destined for influencer marketing operations but also the often incorrect choice of people to whom to entrust the image of a brand.


It is not important that the person in question has a high number of followers on social networks (data to be verified), but it is essential that it reflects the values ​​of a company and that followers are in line with the brand's target. In short, the choice of the influencer must be strategic , which is reached after a detailed analysis of its characteristics and a study of the relationship between risks and potential.


We were talking about followers : currently getting a dizzying number is easier than expected. In fact, today many characters buy entire packages of followers (often fictitious) in order to present themselves as "influencers". Companies must therefore ensure that those are real fans , people of flesh and blood. In Italy, for example, 74% of companies expressed concern about the real number of fans of a page, while only 26% had no doubts.


This is a problem that unfortunately is still secondary for many brands, especially those of our country. This is confirmed by the data in the report: in Italy only 17% of companies have relied on external specialists to prove the reputation of influencers and verify the truthfulness of their followers. This is the lowest figure of all the countries examined.


Check the followers, get to know an influencer in depth , understand who his fans are and why they follow him, make sure he has the same values ​​that the company wants to convey: these are the main steps to obtain good results with influencer marketing .

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