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You haven’t got your lotto 6 aus 49 gewinnzahlen in this Saturday round, did you? Well, there is nothing to worry because you have the next game coming up in 4 days’ time. This is the magic of 6 out of 49 where you get a shot at the jackpot twice a week. The next time you intend to play 6 out of 49, try out Super 6 – an add-on game that increases the chances of winning in this popular lottery game.

Many players try out different ways to predict the winning numbers in the 6 out of 49 games. There are some who try statistics and there are others who try out astrology. You cannot blame such players because it is their belief that the winning numbers can be predicted. And if someone actually manages to crack the numbers then they can take home up to €11 million. Compared with some of the other popular international jackpots, this figure may not be the highest, but €11 million is not a small number in any way, is it?

Lotto 6 out of 49 is a game of chance where you choose 6 numbers (and an additional super number) and wait for the draw. If your chosen numbers are the ones that are picked out during the game, you get to hit the jackpot. But predicting such a number combination is next to impossible because of the sheer number of players involved in the game. In the 6 out of 49 game, the odds of someone winning the jackpot is 1:140 million.

But people continue to try their luck because this game has an exponentially increasing jackpot. For example, if there is no jackpot winner on a particular day, the amount for that jackpot gets added to the game of the next day. This is how the jackpot amount continues to increase till it hits the €11 million mark. During the next game, 6 numbers are randomly chosen from the 49 available and this is the precise reason that one cannot predict the lotto 6 aus 49 gewinnzahlen. It is a game of chance where you only win when you are lucky.

Playing 6 out of 49 is not expensive – the cost of each ticket is €1 and there is a small processing fee that you need to pay per ticket. The processing fee differs from one federal region to another but it is not an amount that will bother you too much. Once you buy your ticket and mark your chosen number combination, all you need to do is wait for the game to be played.

Since the game is completely chance-based, you can never predict when you will win. What you can, however, do is play the add-on game called Super 6. This is a game that you can only play when you choose to play the main game. The cost of a ticket is €1.25 and there are no processing fees to be paid. If you buy your ticket from a kiosk, then you cannot choose the numbers because they are already printed on your ticket. You only mark on the ticket to indicate that you wish to participate in this add-on game. If you buy your ticket online then you can choose your own numbers or have the numbers randomly assigned.

But what is this add-on game? This game is also a game of chance where you need to match 6 numbers from right to left. This is played as a separate game where one can win a jackpot amount of €100,000.

There are 6 winning categories in this add-on game and even if you match one final number, you get to win €2.50. If you have more winning numbers then the amount goes up until you hit the jackpot. The great part of this game is that the winnings are not shared if the number of winners doesn’t hit 100.

You should play lotto 6 out of 49 for fun and if you are lucky, it is an additional benefit for you. The add-on game gives you more chances of winning but that is also based on your luck. It is probably not right to try and predict the winning numbers and become too serious about this game.

If you try and predict the lotto 6 aus 49 gewinnzahlen, you may not be successful. Instead you should try and increase your chances winningby playing the add-on game Super 6.

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