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Looking for an architectural design company? To get proficient architectural design services, you need to find an architectural design firm providing some of the largest architectural design and architecture engineering.

What are the Architectural Services?

Architectural services encompass building design and architectural construction documents as well as construction administration. Architects provide diverse services like feasibility studies, program design, and project management. Some firms execute design work, whereas others perform technical and design work from the start to finish. Pre-design services are also provided such as master planning & historic research on an existing building site to ensure that the building requirements are clearly understood before the creation of construction documents.

How Architectural Designing & Drafting help AEC professionals?

AEC professionals can bring creativity to a new level by:

  • Transforming construction design from ink & paper to digitized screens

  • Revolutionizing precision level delivery through Architectural CAD & Construction Drawings like:

Types of Architectural CAD Drafting Outsourcing Solutions:

Glance through architectural CAD drafting outsourcing solutions for AEC project support:

  • Architectural Drafting Services from hand sketch

  • CAD Conversion from paper drawing

  • Editing CAD files from mark-ups

  • Correcting CAD standards

  • Conversion between CAD and other platforms/software

  • CAD Documentation services

Design Stages Facilitated:

Architectural Drafting delivers comprehensive design support for all stages of the design process including:

  • Conceptual

  • Schematic

  • Design development

  • Tender 

  • Construction stages

How Architectural BIM Services Cater to Design & Construction?

  • Project Initiation: The planning of an architectural project starts at this stage. Collaborating with an architect aids in allocating project requirements, considerations, and objectives.

  • Conceptual Design: Architectural conceptual design is the preliminary phase of design, where the drawings or models act as the tools for elucidating the proposed system. A set of integrated ideas & concepts about what the anticipated building system should behave and appear so that it is comprehensible by the users in the desired manner. The design matching with LOD 100 Revit Model includes elements as Masses, used for initial studies like Overall Project Phasing. Analysis according to the Location and Orientation. Quantities based on Overall Area & Volume can also be acquired at this stage.

  • Schematic Design: At this stage, an architect starts the work by preparing initial design sketches according to client requirements for exploring probable opportunities. The architects evaluate the options, point out the merits, and respond to the input. The architect’s sketches interpret the client's functional relations among numerous activities that get translated to a model conforming to the LOD 200 Revit model comprising of elements where Masses get substituted with Generic Components. Analysis of Overall Systems and Quantities based on particular Elements can also be executed during this stage. The main façades of constituents during this stage include the thickness & width, permitting quantity-takeoffs.

  • Detailed Design Development: It is an augmentation to the schematic design stage for a stronger demarcation of the scope & quality of the finished project. Here, the projected costs are determined by how the design matches the budget expectations. The stage of Detailed Design follows the schematic design where the design resolutions are performed in greater detail.  The details reproduced in the model, matching with the LOD 300 Revit Model. This provides clients with drafted to-scale drawings, representing how the project would appear once the construction gets over. LOD 300 model embraces elements where Generic Components get substituted with clearly defined Assemblies. Analysis of specific systems can be executed and material quantities (BOQ/BOM) can also be extracted. At LOD 300, the model is leveraged for generating Construction Documents & Shop Drawings to analyze energy performance, clash, and cost.

  • Construction Documentation – As soon as the design concept is decided, the architect works with the construction drawings, essential for acquiring building permits & bids and guiding the contractor in construction. The construction documentation stage acts as a bridge between the building design & physical building form including the preparation of drawings & specifications describing the complete requirements for the building project. This corresponds to LOD 400 Revit model with building information about shape, size, location, measurement & alignment with assembly & detail. Here, the model entails non-geometric 3D information including the dimensions, text notes & other details. It is a complete representation of the projected building elements. Analysis like Energy Performance, Clash Detection, and Sequencing & Cost can be executed at this stage. Some examples of the construction sheets during this stage include Enlarged Floor Plan Layout Design, Elevations, Sections, Partition & Details of Door, Window & Schedules, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Furniture Layout, Landscape Plans, Interior Elevations, Egress Plans and Quantity Take-offs(QTO)/Bill of Materials (BOM).

Benefits for AEC Professionals:

AEC professionals are benefited by:

Getting Detailed Building Designs for:

  • Residential & Commercial projects

  • Architectural coordination plans through elevation, general layout & tenant improvement

Obtaining Detailed Shop Drawing Services for:

  • Coordinated & Schematic drafting drawings for HVAC, Electrical, Piping, Firefighting & Landscaping

Architectural Drafting Services for AEC Industry:

Architectural drafting services for the AEC Industry include:

Patent Drawing Services help to enhance your project visualization through:

  • Concept & Design Drawings

  • Graphs & Flow Charts

  • Patent Drafting, Drawings & Consulting

  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)Drawings

  • Utility patent drawings 

  • Photo correction

Trademark Illustration Services facilitate in assembling project details:

  • Illustration Trademark & Trade Dress Drawings 

Renovation Drafting Services:

Streamline your AEC project work with:

  • Designing renovation for small & large scale enterprises

  • Basement remodeling of family residences

  • Garage renovation

  • Internal remodeling

  • Commercial build-outs & permit expedition

DCRA Permit Expediting Solution:

Outsource DCRA Permit Expediting solutions to handle work stop orders without any delay through:

  • Permits for new construction & land use

  • Planning & entitlement solutions

  • Land use approval

  • Conditional use permits

  • Design review

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Site surveys & sign permits 

  • Stop-work order removal

Who is reaping the benefits?

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • General contractors

  • Owners & Developers 

  • Landscapers

  • Interior designers

  • Construction companies

How do the professionals work?

  • Understand owners’ requirements & specifications

  • Focus on detail, ensuring project completion within schedule & budget

  • Bring functional expertise for delivering results to clients

  • Blend human capital & technology for an affordable architectural drafting service delivery model

Technologies for Architectural Drafting & Design Support:

Check out the technologies used for architectural design support:

  • Revit

  • AutoCAD

  • SketchUp

  • Navisworks

  • Solidworks

  • MicroStation

Affordable Architectural Design Solution by Tejjy Inc:

Tejjy Inc. provides help to AEC professionals through:

  • Architectural Services, Permit Expediting, BIM Modeling, Engineering & Construction Management Company in DC, Baltimore, MD, and VA

  • Professionals at Tejjy Inc. help to digitize your AEC plans.

Call at 202-465-4830 or email for the requirement of your architectural service

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