Important Things to Know About Zircon Gemstone

by Prabha Gupta Writer and career counselor
The sparkle and lustre of the Zircon gemstone are one of a kind. It is often mistaken as diamond because of its high dispersion and refraction. It is the most ancient of the gems, believed to be found 4.3 billion years ago.

But sadly, only a few possess adequate knowledge about this gemstone. History unveils that it once used to be extremely coveted by royal folks and still carries immense value for different benefits it provides. 

Various Colours of The Stone

Zircon is available in a vast array of colours like golden, brown, teal, red, blue, etc. The purest form of Zircon comes colourless, giving it the exact look of a diamond. Interestingly, this colourless variant of Zircon is rarer than a diamond in terms of availability but surprisingly less pricey. 

Zircon comes in a range of fabulous colours. The yellowish-brown gem, sometimes with an orange tinge, is very commonly found. Blue Zircon is the most valuable, and hence, most sought after. People also look for the green Zircon, which is another unusual variant among the gemstones. You can get them in all popular shapes and cuts which maximize their eye-catching appeal.

How does Zircon Benefit One?

As a historical gemstone, Jarkan stone (Zircon) possesses many healing properties making it highly desirable in the astrological market. 

Mental Benefit 

Zircon cures insomnia. It helps you sleep deep which results in strengthened mindset. Your mental stability is automatically increased, and you can maintain your emotional upheavals better than ever. All these make you a mentally strong person, ready to fight any situation that comes your way and makes you an intellectually rich person. 

Spiritual Benefit

Zircon is believed to have the properties that stimulate different chakras in our spiritual system. It keeps you calm, patient and makes you energetic and focussed. Wearing this stone undoubtedly results in far-fetched spiritual upliftment. Once you start using the stone, you will realise how extraordinarily it transforms you into a better self. 

Physical Benefit

Starting from controlling high blood pressure to curing gastric problems, Zircon does it all with its natural curative faculty. It is also believed to work exceedingly well for treating asthma, lung problems, even diabetes. The stone‚Äôs capacity to remedy sleep-deprivation helps in healing many other related health issues. 

Price and Affordability

A few varieties of Zircon stones are rarely found, but that does not make it too expensive to buy. Excellent stone cuts are available for a reasonable price. Zircon stone price may vary from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2000/- per carat. You must evaluate the stone very well to check if the price worth its quality. It is best to compare the cost at various stores and get a better idea before you close the deal.

Final Words

You must remember to clean your Zircon stones properly to keep its properties intact. Never let any chemical damage the stone. Even while working out, you must remove them, so that they are kept safe and unspoiled. 

And if your birthday is in December, you can choose Zircon for the natural shine in your jewellery as it is the birthstone for all December-born people.  

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