Importance of Flow Control Solutions for Your Business

by Will S. Flow Meter and Switches

Flow control is the actual flow of the liquid in the pipeline. It does not matter that the pipe is straight or not because you can't anticipate that the fluid will stream in a significant way. The presence of viscosity, valves, and bends alters the velocity of any kind of fluid. During calibration, all these irregularities are kept under consideration before calibrating the liquid flow meter. The process will help you to obtain a generalized reading, despite all the changes that actually take place in the velocity gradient of the fluid. In many industrial plants, measuring the flow of liquid is a very critical need. In some industrial operations, the ability to acquire accurate measurement of the flow is so important that it can make the difference between taking a loss and making a profit. In other situations, the inability to obtain the actual flow measurement can cause disastrous results.

It is with many liquid flow measurement instruments, the rate of the flow is identified inferentially by measuring the velocity of the liquid. While, velocity depends on the difference of pressure that is forcing the liquid through a conduit or a pipe.

Liquid Flow Meter Calibration

Calibration is a study which is made between the corresponding standard under consideration and the readings of a device. The devices such as liquid flow meters have a wide application in the world of industries. Therefore, it is extremely important to calibrate these devices to obtain an accurate and precise reading. Hence, it can be observed that the liquid flow meter calibration is a very important task for taking the correct readings and for understanding the flow of the liquid, which is why it is extremely necessary to calibrate the devices you have for obtaining best results.

The Properties of Fluid

The flow meters are influencing in nature, this means that the liquid which is under consideration would interact with the flow meter to obtain a valid reading. The point to be noted here, that the compatibility of the pipe line and the flow meter plays a vital role that gets reflected during calibration.  It does not matter that the method is scientific or not, the pipeline and the system have to undergo some changes during the process of installation. This defines the requirement of calibration to maintain coordination between them.

Role of Flow Meter

A flow meter is required to measure the actual amount of gas or liquid that moves through a pipe. The utilization of flow measurement is different in each industry because every industry has its own requirements of engineering and constraints. It depends on the industry where a flow meter is used, it may be referred to as flow gauge, liquid meter, and flow indicator. However, the function to measure the flow rate is almost the same.

Here is a list of industries that uses flow meter:

Medical Therapy

·         Devices of Anesthetic.

·         Medical Research.

·         Oxygen Therapy.

Die Casting

·         Die Lubricant.

·         Die Colling.


·         Universal flow meters.

·         Automotive flow meters.

·         Gas flow meters.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HAVC) Systems

·         Room Pressure Monitoring.

Fluid Control Market

The market for water, air, fluid, and gas control and treatment will rise to $493 billion in 2017 which is not only based on expansion of the economy of the world, but also on the response to the new regulatory developments and the rise of new technologies and industries.

Importance of Liquid Flow Sensor

The measurement of volumetric flow velocity, mass flow of liquid, and flow rate are obtained through flow sensors. Liquid flow sensor solutions are very important, in order to maintain mass flow measurement within process industries. These flow sensors are available for biotech, aerospace, environmental, energy, semiconductor industries, and the technology of liquid flow sensing can ease the fluid measurement. This is an important solution because you can constantly check the mass flow rate, density of the liquid, the volumetric flow rate, measure the pressure, check the temperature.

The flow control technology allows manufacturers to run their operations with certain limits and to set more specified limits to increase the profit, prioritize safety, and ensure quality. There are five very important things you need to know about flow control which help manufacturers to understand the importance of flow control solutions.

1.      If used properly, flow control ensures safety.

2.      The flow control technology is cost effective.

3.      Flow control regulators can bypass the flow.

4.      Flow control regulators can compensate for the pressure and keep the flow rate to the established value.

5.      Temperature can badly effect the materials in the pipe system, flow control regulators makes suitable adjustment to ensure the consistency of the flow rate.

These points show the importance of flow control technology that is required in the manufacturing process of the factory. Proteus Industries manufacture, develop and market a full line of instruments and controls for fabrication and semiconductor equipment industry. It is a market leader which provides a wide variety of rugged and sensitive flow sensing instruments for different industries.

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