Importance Of Disinfectant Wipes

by Lilo A. Lilo London, Au, ZA
Our world is growing at a rapid rate everyday – humans are being born by the second, and humans die by the minute. We aren’t the only organisms thriving and surviving in our environments, and it is this misconception that is the cause for many illnesses, diseases, and the spreading of harmful bacteria. 
Germs and bacteria are microscopic organisms that live and breed right under our eyes without us paying them any mind. It is only when you have the flu or a stomach bug when you realise there’s a bacteria that is busy harming your body. 

Prevention is often better than cure and by paying close attention to your hygiene routine, you’ll be able to eradicate these creatures before they become a problem. 
Disinfectant wipes are conveniently packaged for you to carry around wherever you go. You’ll also see that lots of stores and supermarkets promote the use of disinfectant wipes by offering them to their customers before they take a shopping cart. These wipes are versatile in the fact that they can be used at home, in public, and also in commercial areas like the health sector, which plays a vital part in our overall wellbeing. 

Are disinfectant wipes safe?
There has been some controversy surrounding the ingredients and chemicals used to make up disinfectant wipes. Apart from the cloth, the chemicals have been said to be harmful to humans, and may spread bacteria even more. This is problematic when it comes to the health care sector. There are, however, many companies who have claimed that they have reviewed their ingredients, and have made sure that it is safe to use, especially when it comes to health care services. Numerous studies have been conducted and many health care institutions now comply to the appropriate regulations when purchasing disinfectant wipes. 

How are disinfectant wipes used in the health sector?
Disinfectant wipes are used in the health sector on almost every level possible. Here are a few ways in which disinfectant wipes are used in health care institutions, and why they are so important when protecting health workers and their patients:

  • Wiping hands: disinfectant wipes are most generally used by health workers when working with a new patient. Their hands are wiped before they put latex gloves on, and they are wiped when these gloves are removed. This is to ensure optimum sterilisation of the hands so that germs aren’t spread to the patients or the health care workers themselves. 
  • Wiping of surfaces: as already stated, germs breed at an alarming rate and it is important for all equipment to be sterilised in the public health sector. Even though you cough in a corner, those germs are able to multiply and move in a matter of minutes. Tables and surfaces are wiped off to prevent any type of cross-contamination. 
  • Wiping of tools: a very important aspect of the health care sector is clean tools. Tools are washed, wiped, and sterilised to prevent any disease causing bacteria to contaminate the worker or the patient. This is especially important when there is blood involved, like blood donation, blood transfusions, or injections of any sort. 

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