Implement a 4-Day Work Week for Nonprofits and Companies: Leadership Consultant

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Did you know that in 2021, a survey showed that 85% of employees were interested in a four-day workweek?

I know, who wouldn't vote to work one less day a week, for the same amount of money, right?

If that was all the information we had, this would be a dead topic - but what if I told you that when trialing a four-day workweek in Sweden, they found that people skipped out on work 22% less?

Similar experiments show that your employees can be just as productive with a 32-hour week, as with a 40-hour week, it massively reduces employee stress levels, improves workplace satisfaction, and so on, and so on.

The four-day workweek has already been so successful, they're talking about it all over the world, from small businesses to mega-corporations. The only tricky bit, most people seem to agree, is making the transition.

That's why Mind The Gap Consulting provides a specialist service to help you complete the transition smoothly, so that you get all of the benefits, without any of the problems that can happen if you miss an important step.

They have a simple guide that explains how everything works, what the benefits are, and what steps you can take to transition your workplace. You can read it for free, and don't forget to bookmark it for future reference. Just visit:

While a four-day workweek has 20% fewer working hours than a traditional workweek, the evidence suggests that it is possible for many businesses to transition to this model without negatively affecting their productivity. The full guide includes case studies, including details about a multi-continent experiment that shows workers experienced less burnout, and their company’s revenue increased.

The guide includes the first-hand experiences of Sean Kosofsky, and explores how he implemented a four-day workweek at a US-based national climate change nonprofit and the effects that had on the organization. Kosofsky has worked with a range of nonprofit organizations over the last 30 years and currently specializes in training nonprofit executives - so if you need a little extra help, or a full-time consultant for your transition, he's the guy.

Kosofsky works as a consultant with nonprofits, specifically to help them complete the four-day workweek transition smoothly, and he wrote the free guide we're discussing. The simple four-step process, which can be adapted to suit a variety of business types, was his idea.

The four easy steps, Assess, Anticipate, Announce, and Adopt, are explained in the free guide - so I'm not going to talk much about them here. Just follow the link to get all the details, and if you still need more help, drop Sean Kosofsky a message.

The guide also lists five workplace changes that can help to make the transition easier, including strategies to reduce the length of meetings and the overall amount of meetings held.

Instead of the same number of meetings, Kosofsky suggests that you should consider asynchronous working - which is a fancy way of saying you should use technology, instead of in-person meetings, whenever possible and appropriate. This means your employees can read the comments when they are able to, at their own speed, and formulate responses that are well thought out, without requiring your employees to spend hours being potentially unproductive in a meeting.

If any of this sounds good to you - and it should - just check out the free guide.

It's full of information about specific scenarios and potential complications, and there's even an FAQ section. When you're ready to make the transition, it covers all the bases - and if you need a little more information or a helping hand, well, that's what they do best.

Get all the details you need in the full free guide, at

Mind the Gap Consulting, LLC 25 Park Row, New York, NY 10038, United States Website

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