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There is numerous disease that can make harm the kidneys. One such condition is IgA nephropathy and the best treatment available is IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda, which is cost-effective, and completely pain-free although a correct diagnosis is extremely important for the patient in order to prevent this condition from turning into nephrotic syndrome and later proteinuria.


Kidneys, the most important part of the excretory system are located below the rib cage and have multiple functions and can also suffer from multiple diseases. There are a number of kidney conditions and one such disease is IgA neuropathy and the remedy for it is IgA neuropathy treatment in Ayurveda.

  • The kidneys perform the following functions:
  • Osmolarity of the blood
  • Removal of poisons and waste from the blood
  • Maintain pH levels
  • Maintain acid-base balance
  • Help in the creation of red platelets
  • Produces necessary hormones

 What is IgA? 

IgA is an antibody that is naturally produced by the immune system to combat illnesses in the body. The body requires an agent to take care of foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. To tackle them, the immune system produces this protein called IgA. Limited amounts of IgA in the body are extremely important but sometimes it can start depositing itself inside the kidneys. This can cause damage. However, IgA neuropathy treatment in Ayurveda is readily available at Karma Ayurveda in Delhi. 


The tiny blood vessels inside the kidneys, a part of nephrons that help in filtering out wastes and toxins, excess water from the blood to the urine are called glomeruli. 

People with IgA neuropathy have large amounts of IgA protein which has small amounts of galactose as compared to the normal levels. This IgA then is considered a foreign particle as the other antibodies attack themselves to galactose-deficient IgA and lead to the formation of clumps. The hard deposits of IgA in the kidneys attack the glomeruli leading to their inflammation and blockage, as a result of which they start passing small amounts of protein and blood in the urine. Gradually the nephrons deteriorate and ultimately the lack of kidney function causes ESRD, end-stage renal disease.

About IgA neuropathy:

IgA nephropathy is the second most common disease other than the diseases caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Some of the symptoms of this condition are- 

  • Haematuria; blood in the urine
  • Sore throat
  • Cold
  • Respiratory infection

The symptoms can be confused with other kidney conditions. Mostly this condition has no symptoms and can continue to silently damage the kidneys until chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease occur which force the patient to get a diagnosis.

Diagnosis is dependent on the amount of blood passing through the urine. Sometimes it is enough to be visible by the naked eye, is, it is pink or brown in color. At other times only a urine test can conclusively lead to a correct diagnosis.

People at risk of developing IgA nephropathy- 

  • History of IgA nephropathy in the family
  • Belonging to Asian or Caucasian race
  • Males above 30 are more likely to develop this ailment

IgA nephropathy is also called Berger's disease and can be treated by IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda because the most common treatment given by allopathy is dialysis or a kidney transplant. Both these treatments are not without side effects while IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda is completely free of side effects and pain. Doctors at Karma Ayurveda, a leading Ayurvedic medicinal organization, which provides completely certified herbs to cure kidney diseases, make this formula. 

IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda is one such treatment provided by the doctors there. Doctor Puneet Dhawan who is a pioneer in his field, has cured many patients under his care and guidance and advises to opt for treatments other than dialysis, which can cause many other potential diseases in the body.

Writer's introduction: 

I am writing because I found IgA nephropathy treatment in Ayurveda to be completely effective. Generations in my family have been plagued by this condition and I have been looking out for myself. I think this is the best alternative to modern medicine and is easy to take. I am very grateful to Karma Ayurveda for making my life better again. 

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