Ideas to Enhance Your Storage Process

by Nancy Billard Digital Marketing Consultant

Not everybody can spend without keeping their budget in mind. It is a monthly costing plan that allows you to spend wisely on things you need the most. And well, the goal for households, businesses, and individuals is to always attain a high quality service. 

However, due to the rising rent issue, people opt for smaller homes making Birmingham self storage unit a problem. With our guided help, you can make the most of limited space in innovative and affordable ways.

  1. Rent A Reliable Storage Unit Facility

If you reside in a small house overrun with belongings and have been facing storage problems, you must look for reliable storage. You can store your belongings in a storage unit as long as you want. When you finally have the time to sort through them, everything will be safe in the storage unit.

If you opt for STORED’s storage facility, you will get hassle-free, secure, reliable and affordable storage units with impeccable storage services. You can store items of all sizes - from paper documents to larger furniture pieces.

  1. Declutter, Donate and Resell

We accumulate a lot of things over time and lose sight of how much we have gathered. Our cupboards and the garage get cluttered, causing chaos in our personal and professional lives.

Donating (or selling) things you don’t use is better than hoarding. If you haven’t used a garment in over a year, donate it to someone who might need and appreciate it more than you. 

Or if you own things beyond repair or your children or yourself have outgrown them, then it’s time you consider decluttering. By decluttering, you will be doing yourself a favour by creating a new space in your home and mind.

  1. Install Under The Furniture Storage

One of the most innovative ways to make the most of limited space and beat storage problems is to add storage under furniture. Review your space for any possible similar storage tricks. Thinking outside the box allows you to find overlooked creative solutions.

E.g., a bed with sliding drawers will give you enough space to store garments, linen or anything else you wish. It will also give your room a put-together, sophisticated look with a sense of hidden clutter.

  1. Small Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Organizing a small bathroom can be challenging, but it's possible with an innovative storage solution, like installing a hair dryer holder. It takes less space and is compact enough not to clutter a small bathroom.

The holder utilizes space that would otherwise go unused. It slips directly over the cabinet door and keeps the cord neatly contained. This hack frees up room inside the cabinet for storing other essentials like toiletries, towels etc.

  1. Concealed Space Organization

You can transform any blank wall into a hidden storage compartment. Set up a narrow space along the side of the kitchen or entryway wall with shallow shelves. It can be used to store documents, bills, folders, and tablets. You can install an outlet for charging devices.

Also, the back of the door can be used for hanging chore charts and to-do lists. It can be a mutual space for the entire family to discuss and tick off everyday chores and tasks. 

  1.  Keep Files and Folders Organized

Instead of piling papers on top of table surfaces, invest in a coffee table with drawers that keep magazines, photos, and newspapers orderly.

Also, if you own a filing cabinet, keep the top drawer for important papers you need to get your hands on quickly. Use a manila folder for each account, person, or topic; divide the drawer into colour-coded sections, e.g. financial, insurance/vehicles, personal, home etc.

Follow these storage hacks, and you can make the most of limited space and turn your home into a comfortable and efficient place.

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