I Can cataract surgery correct squint in the eye?

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A squint a medical condition marked by the inability of the patient's eyes to align with each other in the same direction while looking at an object. There are various types of squint however the most common of these is the one in which one of the patient's eyes turns inwards towards the nose. Cataract, on the other hand, is the clouding of the lens of the eye which cannot be corrected through glasses or lenses. This clouding hinders the normal vision of the person and leads to permanent visual impairment if left untreated. Cataract can be treated with the help of a cataract removal surgery in which the cloudy layer is carefully scraped off and replaced with a new artificial layer. Cataract removal surgeries have a high success rate with almost nil side effects.

Squint starts at a very early age and the problem can grow with time. It usually affects one eye, however, in a few cases both the eyes of the person may also be affected. The problem can be treated surgically or through specialised therapies that I'm at correcting the orientation of the eyes. Sometimes glasses may also be prescribed for the same. Cataract can be congenital as well as acquired later in life. Congenital cataract, as the name suggests is present since birth whereas the later can be developed mostly due to old age or some chronic ailment which triggers the growth of this cloudy layer. You can find some of the best cataract surgeons in India who offer quality treatment at a very affordable price.  by staying well versed and in-line with all the latest researches and modern day technological advancements made in medical science

It is to be kept in mind that with the increase in age the chances of full recovery from squint decrease rapidly. A cataract surgery might lead to a temporary gain in alignment or it might lead to a noticeable improvement in the affected eye however its effectiveness greatly depends on how much hindrance in vision is due to squint and how much is due to cataract.

The surgery can also be either laser-assisted or non-laser depending upon the preference of the patient. The basic measure is to decrease the production of aqueous fluid or to increase the drainage of the fluid. Cataract surgery in India entails removing of the natural lens that has been damaged by the cataract through a procedure known as phacoemulsification. After this, a customized, the lens is applied in its place which restores natural vision. This surgery in most cases also serves to correct squint in eyes permanently or with noticeable improvements.

Whether it is very important to consult a specialist and discuss your medical history with him/her. The doctors will examine your eyes thoroughly by conducting certain screenings which will help them to decide whether you should opt for the cataract surgery or not as well as how much helpful it can be for curing his squint.

One of the most popular techniques used for cataract removal is extracapsular cataract extraction where doctors break down the lens through ultrasonic waves or remove it in one piece. Another very common procedure is intracapsular cataract extraction in which the lens as well as the capsule is removed and is replaced with an artificial lens or contact lens. Currently, in India, ninety-nine per cent of the patients have this method implied to them.

Our eyes are extremely sensitive and we should not take their health lightly. Eye defects, whether mild or chronic should be immediately brought under medical supervision as delay in treatment can lead to permanent visual impairment. Squint is a problem that can affect anybody and the type of treatment can vary from person to person depending upon the adversity of his condition

Even after the surgery, you have to take certain precautions and follow certain guidelines set by your surgeon to avoid any kind of complication. Regular checkups are also mandatory as these help the doctors to trace your recovery and if there is any problem it can be tackled immediately.


There are a large number of cataract surgery hospitals in India where you can easily avail for the treatment. Cataract Eye Surgery in India has helped a lot of patients to regain normal eyesight. Cataract Surgeons in India are highly specialised in their fields and aim at giving the best possible results. Also, Squint eye surgery in India is offered at all the leading eye hospitals however it is advisable that you do not compromise with your health and chose the best hospital to get your surgery done.

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