How You Should Bond Clean Your Property in Brisbane in a Proper Manner

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Bond Cleaning of the property is an essential clause mentioned in the tenant’s agreement. Before vacating the property a tenant has to carry out the proper cleaning of the property. Failure in doing so will not be good for tenant as he will lose the security amount deposited with the owner fully or some part of it. So not only the cleaning of property is important but the way how it is carried out is also more important.

You should perform the bond cleaning of the property in a systematic manner. Or you can hire our associated Bond Cleaning Brisbane professionals who will help you to carry out the bond cleaning with a well-defined plan as they have years of experience in handling the cleaning of properties.

But if you are planning to do it by yourself you should perform it by following the right approach & method.

  • Clean the damp areas of the property first
  • First clean those places that need time to absorb the chemical cleaning agents
  • Clear the clutter first in all the main areas
  • Dry dusting of all the areas
  • Vacuuming & Sweeping the floor
  • Mopping of Floors
  • Sanitization & Disinfection

Clean the damp areas of the property first

First of all start cleaning the areas that are wet and require more time of yours. It is better if you start cleaning of the property with the kitchen and bathrooms first as they will take more of your time

In Kitchen you need to perform bond cleaning of kitchen areas such as tiles, sink as well as all the appliances such as gas- stove, chimney, microwave, mixers & grinders etc. As cooking is performed in the kitchen, this area of property has accumulated dust & grease over all surfaces. Also the stain in the kitchen area is hard & tough and they need more time & effective solutions for cleaning. And same goes for bathroom where you have to look upon dirtiest areas such as wash-basins, pots, bath-tub, shower glass etc. For best result our advice is to contact professional Bond Cleaning Brisbane providers

Clean those places that need time to absorb the chemical cleaning agents

There are certain areas & items in our property that need time for absorbing the chemicals into them for their effective & easy cleaning. Make sure to spray chemicals in these surfaces and leaving them for a while so that the chemical gets properly absorbed and bond cleaning should be done fast & effectively.

Clear the clutter first from all the main areas

 To make bond cleaning of property easy & perform it in less time, you should first clear the clutter from all the spaces. All the things that are fallen here & there in different areas. Place them appropriately at the spaces where they should actually be. This will make your Bond Cleaning task much convenient and easy

Dry dusting of all the areas

After clearing the clutter from all the areas, the areas will be half sorted, now start with dusting of all the surfaces. Perform dry dusting to clear off all the dirty areas. If you will proceed this way then further process of cleaning will become easy for you. Always start dusting from upper areas such as walls, ceiling fans so that you don’t have to perform the cleaning of lower surfaces again & again. It is advisable to hire Bond Cleaning Brisbane team for effective and step by step cleaning of property.

Vacuuming & Sweeping the floor

Once you have completed dry dusting of the property now is the time for vacuuming of carpets & curtains followed by sweeping of floor to clean the entire dust & waste from the property

Mopping of Floors

After sweeping the floors start mopping of floors room by room. Use a good and refreshing cleaning agent to clean floors of the property

Sanitization & Disinfection

After you are done with mopping of floors, your cleaning doesn’t end here as your property is still not free of germs & bacteria. And to make it free from them you have to perform sanitization & disinfection of all-highly touched spots of the house such as door handles, drawers & cupboard handles, light switches etc.


The Bond Cleaning of the property is a tedious process. But it becomes easy if done with proper planning & system. If you are short on time or having a quite busy schedule you can hire professional Bond Cleaning Brisbane experts for flawless & well-managed cleaning of your property but you should not compromise with the bond cleaning of property at any cost.

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