How (Why) reverse search engines are useful?

by Mian A. i am web developer with 7+ years experience
Sometimes you have pictures of something you don’t understand what it is or maybe you’re trying to check the authenticity of an image if it’s stolen or plagiarized. This wasn’t easy since search engines only took text input for searches but from a while ago many search engines have introduced reverse image search. It is a search engine tool which can take an image as input for your query and brings up all related images and content to it. There are some widely known search engines such as Google which offer this tool but there are other custom software’s available for it too.

How accurate is image search engine?

While these image search tools might seem very accurate, they are totally dependent on the type of image and situation are given to it for the image search. Take for example the Google image search engine; it uses the texts on the image and around it, with other properties and the alt and title text to determine other similar images and shows the results.

Image search engines are totally based on the similarities; there are still something’s which today’s technological advancements lack as of it would be AI (Artificial Intelligence). The system tries to automatically determine what the content of an image is but it’s not very well developed at the moment. Simple images or of work are okay to be searched about but the problems most people listed were related to skin diseases which the image search tools very often got wrong.

Why are they useful?

While the technology is advancing every day it’s becoming easier to fool someone if they do not use the right tools to determine a true identity. Things would be really easy if people always were who they said they were but that’s not always the case these days. People are stealing different identities for fraud and other sorts of crime which from one selves end can be stopped if it can be caught in the start. Tools that help check copied images can prevent you from getting into fraud.

Some reasons to go through image search engine

  • Double check: So you’re just not sure even after talking to that person you want to make sure it’s not someone faking out things or some business person getting you into some fraud.
  • Safety: Beyond everything, safety is the number one priority to all of us since our life depends on the choices we make. So you better make sure whatever situation you’re in is not a fake one.
  • Stolen Images: Sometimes without reason, people can use your personal data to manipulate others. Such as the case might be if someone is trying to fool you with another person’s identity, similarly, you can be in the place of that person and your images might be in use for such a thing, even though there’s less chance of it but it’s never bad to check.
  • Saving time: If you try to search out an image by text it might be time-consuming and slow, reverse image search can help speed up the searching process and it might also serve some extra information related to the subject.
  • Business concerns: You can always use image search tools to check that the people you’re doing business with are who they claim to be and not someone fake.
  • Applying for a job: This is a crucial time and you should do an image search on yourself so that you can at least make sure there is no false information on the internet related to you.


Image search tools have made searching things a lot easier and safer. These tools are not yet widely used because people are not aware of it but it is very useful and people should use it to check copied images it can prevent many types of crimes even taking place.

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