How to Use the Volcano Hybrid

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So you've decided to purchase yourself an all-new sparkling Volcano Hybrid. Congratulations! You've made the right choice and now you're officially the most popular child on the block. Have you not yet made the leap? Take a look at the Volcano Hybrid review to assist you in making your choice!

What's more exciting than having one is learning how to make use of it. Perhaps you're just getting your first vaporizer. Perhaps you're a pro that just requires some pointers for this gadget. Maybe you're looking to be aware of what you're doing before you go to your friend's house in order to make use of their device.

Although the general usage of Storz and Bickel's new product is easy, there are some tips to utilize it to the best advantage to get the most from your herb and also to keep your machine in good condition so that it will last for many decades to come. 
This is your complete instruction on how to use storz and bickel volcano in UK.

The Basics

If you're acquainted with the basic concepts, scroll through to

Tips Specific to the Hybrid

The essential things to know is 1) how to fill your herb with the right amount and two) how to utilize the balloon and mouthpiece. If you're using the tube kit, then all you need is step one!

However you must go through two preparation procedures: you'll need start with a burn-off session, and you'll also need to make your herb.

The burning off

When you're first getting a new vaporizer, it is best to perform a short session, without using herbs or breathing in the air to get your machine ready. This will allow you to eliminate any residue present, as well as any odors of plastic. This is done prior to your first session can stop any chemical or plastic taste from leaking into the smoke.

To start, you need to turn on your machine, then turn up the heating for about 10 minutes, with nothing in the chamber, and then allow it to run. While you wait, you can prepare your herb.

Making your herb

It's important to note that the herb grinder that is included in the Hybrid performs admirably. Although I have a different grinder that I was happily using before, I tested out the one that came in the Hybrid and was impressed by how evenly and thoroughly it pulverizes my materials. I would definitely recommend using this one instead of going out and purchasing a different one but if you have one that you like you should definitely.

I've discovered that the Hybrid to be less fussy about how fine or coarse your herb is in relation to other vaporizers, and so it's not something you need to fret about very much. I do prefer the finer grind because generally it allows you to in the most efficient heating of the herb.

The process of loading your herb

The top part of the Hybrid there is a filling chamber. It's made up of two pieces of one color -- black and one orange that you remove to reveal the bowl within. Fill it with a little material (you do not need a huge amount particularly if this is an intimate session) Try to keep it level and in a level position. Screw the two pieces back together, and then back onto the device. Hit the "HEAT" button to switch the device on, and then utilize buttons "+" and "-" buttons to set it to your preferred temperature. Now you're ready to move on to your next stage.

Note: There's plenty that goes into determining the ideal temperature. It's dependent on a few variables, but in general I'd recommend staying to the 350-385 degree F range. Start in the 300-350 degree range if you're just starting out.

Attaching and detaching the balloon

Take the mouthpiece that is black off the balloon. Next, put the orange mouthpiece right over the Hybrid. It simply pops off and on, there is no release button or any other button. Start the balloon and when the balloon is filled (or slightly smaller if this is an individual session) switch off the air and then lift the balloon by using that orange part.

The valve will shut off when you take the balloon from the device, meaning there's no need to worry about the air leakage out. It's up to you. The two-piece filling chamber is removed from the device, and then set it aside (more about that later). Insert the black mouthpiece into the balloon's orange portion. The valve will open by pressing on the mouthpiece, therefore make sure you don't push it toward the balloon further than is necessary as you put it in.

Using the Hybrid

Inhaling the vapors of the balloon is very natural. Your mouth will move the mouthpiece toward the balloon, which opens the valve, allowing gas to be breathed in. If you stop moving the mouthpiece back in the balloon, the valve will shut again.

The balloon method is beneficial since you are able to regulate the amount of vapor you inhale at any given time. This allows you to enjoy your session at a slow pace and not feel rushed. This is why I use my own balloon as I don't have to rush through and give it off to another.

I tend to make shorter draws using balloons, because I've found that's all I require. This gives me a few hits per balloon, and is a great simple method to use and something I'd recommend to anyone who is new or who is looking for a relaxed session.

Another way to use the Hybrid is to use the whip attachment, also known as Tube System. The tube is inserted into the device in the same way as the balloon, however instead of triggering your air supply, utilize the power of your lungs to draw the vapor upwards into the tube. If you use this method, the draw is typically substantially more prolonged (up about 10 to 15 seconds more) and certainly requires lung strength. Because of this, the method I prefer isn't my favourite but there are some who don't do well with balloons, and they prefer this method to move.

The benefit of this Hybrid is the fact that it's very easy to use and extremely simple If you prefer this style of vaping, you're certainly at ease using the Hybrid.

Tips Specific to the Hybrid

Although it is similar to other vapes it is a class of its own and requires some experience to be able to use it in a proper manner.


The thing I like most about Hybrid is how easy it is to start. It's simple to load the material, and there are no specific instructions. It's possible to be more flexible in the grind and it's a breeze to fill the chamber. It's not necessary to pack it in a particular way, just insert it in with a little looseness.

The only thing I'd recommend is to keep the level (not being mounded on one end) since this will allow to heat evenly and effectively. Also, you don't need to open the chamber for filling and stir the herb at every moment during the session which is ideal for convenience and time.

Another good tip is to remove the filling chamber from between balloons and be gentle when doing so. The device comes with a warning label on it that advises you to take off the filling area when you're not heating the material. this is helpful due to two reasons. One, it prevents the device from overheating or leaving it in a hurry (though it will shut it off at the end of 30 minutes) Also it helps to preserve the herb. If you leave your herb on the heat when the time you're away from it you're going to lose that wonderful fresh taste, which is not what we'd like to occur. The chamber should be removed gently so that you're not accidentally shaking the contents inside, and ruining the beautiful job of leveling.


For those who are using their AVB (already vaped buds) immediately following their session be aware that it's going to get darker once it is utilized as a Hybrid. Dual heating with conduction and convection will result in the most of your buds,
so be ready for this whenever you get it out.

If you're seeking ideas for what you can accomplish with your AVB Look at our array of recipes and suggestions to use leftovers.


The Volcano Hybrid is compatible with both dried herb as well as concentrates. The Hybrid includes the Drip Pad that can be described as a tiny stainless steel plate that is utilized with oils, liquids and wax. Take the screen out of your filling chamber, then place the Drip Pad in it's place. Turn the filling chamber upside down and pour several drops of concentrate onto the lower part of the pad. Make sure to distribute them equally across the pad, not in the middle. Flip it over and secure the filling chamber as usual.

Here's a very easy video for how to accomplish it!

My suggestion is to begin by using less than you'll require. The pad is able to hold around 10-drops, however I'd recommend starting with a few and then see how it goes. It's possible that you'll find it enough to get the job done, or you might decide to add some more before trying again.

Another tip is to note that, after using it a few sessions the pad will begin to create an accumulation of concentrated substance, which will be noticeable in your sessions (in an excellent kind of way!). Always start by adding a little and you may discover that you've got an adequate layer already the pad and you don't have to add much, if anything for future sessions.


Since the Hybrid is extremely efficient, you could discover that you require less shots than you're accustomed to. I'd suggest starting by using less material and making the balloon smaller and test it out. I am elated to be able to save my herb this method, and that's certainly the benefit of this vapor over other that aren't as efficient.

Be sure to keep it neat and tidy

I wrote an entire article about how to cleanse up the Volcano Hybrid, but I'll simplify it into some key points below.

The best method for you to maintain your Hybrid tidy is to avoid using balloons that are past their prime. This will allow your experience to become more delicious which is why it's just the same for you as it is your device. The balloons, as well as whips, are intended to be replaced and not cleaned. This is why the Hybrid is extremely low maintenance, however you must remain aware of the situation and be sure to buy extras to keep these on hand.

Replace the balloons once a from month to month and half, if frequent users. They'll begin to look brown on the inside, and you'll notice that it's time to replace them.

For the remainder of clean-up (cleaning the bases and valves, and mouthpieces) It's fairly easy. It's best to use a moist, clean cloth to wipe the base once in a while to keep any traces of fingerprints off and also to remove any smudges, spills or dust. For smaller pieces, such as the mouthpieces, i use the cleaning kit included along with my Hybrid. When that kit is no longer available I simply apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol along with an incredibly small piece of cloth.


As we're discussing the topic of cleanliness, it's worth noting it is Storz & Bickel recommend not sharing tubes with any other person. While this may seem like a waste of time when you think about the implications, it's quite awful. Your lung muscles are used to move oxygen through your tube and without doubt, you're bringing your bacteria all in the tube. As you'll have to change the tubes regularly in the end, make sure you keep a couple of tubes to hand out when guests are visiting. This keeps everyone's germs from spreading, and can help make the tubes. I suggest everyone have their own balloon (although this is more about relaxing and enjoying the time you spend with friends than concern about spreading germs).

Using the app

Another thing to talk about is the application. The Hybrid as well as its sibling the Crafty can be controlled by an application. If you're not interested in apps, don't fret it's not required. For those who want controlling their devices from afar and have a precise way of in doing so, this application is a fantastic alternative to Volcano.

The app is connected by Bluetooth between your tablet or phone as well as your Hybrid. This allows you to start your session without sitting in the middle, and leaning against the device.

It doesn't contain much to offer and is fairly easy to use and self-explanatory. However, there are some simple tips I'll offer.

First, you should take advantage of "Workflows". These are the settings you save from the preferred session, which means you can start the process without having to set it up manually every time.

Then, you can explore the accuracy that the temperatures range. It's easy to change the settings. I've noticed myself trying out more than I usually do. Most of the time, I'll know my temperature and head straight to it, without trying something different. However, thanks to the Hybrid and the app, I'm experimenting with different temperatures -- sometimes within the same session and am really enjoying an experience that is different from my old. If you're an avid user the sessions you've been having become repetitive (not good!). I encourage you to switch things up every now and again and the application makes it so simple to accomplish.

Keyboard shortcuts

Let's look at what these buttons can do! If you'd like to alter the display of your temperature to display Celsius rather than Fahrenheit (or in reverse) use both "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously.

If you're planning to perform an initial reset, press your "HEAT" button for 10 seconds (your device needs to be turned on in order for this to function). You may want to do this if you've noticed that your Bluetooth is off, because it will be able to turn back on and if you're looking to reset the setpoint or boost temperature.

Another method of turning Bluetooth off and on without having to do a complete factory reset involves holding both "-" button and the "AIR" button for 3 minutes.

What are your best practices?

We've covered plenty of ideas in this article and now I'd like to hear your thoughts.

With such a powerful machine, we are sure to have the most enjoyable sessions we have ever had, but the precise methods of doing differ from person to individual. Please share in the comments your tips to get the most enjoyable sessions using you Volcano Hybrid.

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