Why is Hair Transplant essential for you?

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The question is why hairs are so important? Hair transplant in Rawalpindi is the most beautiful and shape changing part in the human body. Every part of the human body is important but specifically, if we talk about hairs they are unique and enhancing looks by changing styles. Hairs are the weakened part of our body so they need more care. People with natural hairs on their head are so lucky but they are fully aware of the reasons which damage hairs. Hairs can be damaged in several ways. Hair fall is the symptom that you have any problem and if these problems will not be identified it lead towards hair loss. Some of the reasons for hair fall are described below.


Diet plays an essential role in one's body and if a person is not taking healthy diet it affects not only hairs but some other parts of the body too. Everyone needs healthy diets which include proper protein carbohydrates and healthy fats. Multivitamin a day is also important because there are few or no one in the world who eat all multivitamin and minerals from natural foods.



Exercise is important in one's life because what we eat we need to digest it. Resting and not doing some physical exercise makes one fat and after all many more severe issue. If we talk about hair then it's a chance that one is not doing exercise and toxic oxidants from the body are not coming out from the body through sweat or any other method. One must need to eat healthily and do the right exercise gym or walking running to improve physical health and be far away from toxins from the body.



Stress is a major issue of hair fall. Any job family or some other stress increases their number of hair fall and also stress is not good for overall health. One must need to stay away from worries to overcome stress and also exercising lowers the stress. Stress overcomes good hormone in the body. Stress is the 6th largest cause of deaths according to study. One must need to overcome stress and make stress his friend. If you feel stress from anything then end that activity and start some exercise or watch some comedy movies shows. Go out with friends. Hugging someone releases cuddle hormone which lowers the stress level. Sometimes one is eating healthy and does proper exercise but still, he loses his or her hairs then maybe it's a chance that one is not taking care of hairs. Hair needs shampoo twice or thrice a week. Don't use more chemical products on hairs or skin. If someone is using styling products on hairs he must be aware of that they damage hairs. Gel or any other product if u are using then wash it before bed. If you are using the blow dryer or any other straightened etc then try to use them as low as you can. Use these products mostly on some special events daily using of these products harming hairs. Avoid over combing it also broke hairs and increases stress. Losing more hairs after over combing is also a cause of hair fall or hair loss.


Now when all else fails,  Hair Transplant in Rawalpindi is the only solution left. If it is an entirely new term to you as a layman then let me clarify you that hair transplant is one of the latest treatments of the revolutionary era. It consists of two types which include Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Let us discuss them in detail.


Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplant or (FUT) is widely known as the strip harvesting method. It is a highly surgical technique in which a whole strip of tissue is inserted from the back of the scalp so as to assemble the roots which are permanent. The region where the tissue is inserted is called recipient area whereas the region on which hairs are transplanted is called donor area. It is a common human nature that we get frightened and furious when we hear the word "surgical" however FUT is a safe procedure as compared to other surgical methods.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is another hair transplant technique. One of the best parts of this technique is that it produces a scar-free result. If you are having excessive hair loss then FUE is your answer. The process is basically devised when a single hair follicle is picked from the donor region and transplanted into the recipients' area one by one. Some of the advantages of FUE hair transplant are:


No cuts

No bruising

No swelling

Lesser pain

Now that you are suffering from immense hair fall, it is highly dependent on you to choose whether which transplant type to opt. I hope you find this article helpful for your use


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