How to Sell App Ideas to Google or Apple and Earn Thousands of Dollars

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If you have an excellent app idea, you have good reasons to be excited about it. But, unnecessarily sharing your ideas to anyone can get you nothing. Besides, someone else may work on your ideas and get the benefits. So, if you have an idea and want to sell your ideas to Google or Apple, you have so many things to know.

We will discuss all your concerns and queries for how to sell app ideas to Google in this article, but first, let's begin with some basics.

Does Google Buy App Ideas?

Google or Apple does not buy an app idea, no matter how unique it is. But yes, if your idea is unique, they can steal your idea, and you can do nothing if they choose not to pay you for it.

Even if you have billion-dollar app ideas, it's worth nothing without proof of concept. That means you need to work on your idea tirelessly to validate your concept before approaching buyers to sell your app ideas. An app idea alone has no innate value. You need to spend your time on market research, project management, capital raising, development, marketing, and more to build a strong proof of concept.

How Much You're Likely to Get Paid by Google?

The worth of your app idea depends on the execution done on it. If you could remember, the WhatsApp deal was sold for $19bn, but it did not achieve that remarkable success overnight or just with an idea. It worked on it and proved that it stood out among other apps. Similarly, you have to make sure that your ideas are vividly unique from all other existing apps across downloading platforms.

So far, one thing is clear —if you want to sell your app ideas to Google, you will get nothing out of it unless you have something unique to show.

On the contrary, if you want to make your app idea worth billions of dollars, you need to work on it yourself first. Gather a team, develop your ideas into a product and make it top-notch—for example, Angry Birds, Tinder, Uber, WhatsApp, etc.

If you have an app idea, you need to follow some of the steps to bring it to material success.

Let's take a look at them;

How to Sell App Ideas to Google for Money in 2021?

If you have an app idea, then you need to establish ownership first and protect your ownership. Ideas cannot be protected. So, the only way to protect your ideas is to make sure to share them with the people you trust. Even if you share your ideas with people you trust, get a signed NDA before disclosing your idea and discussing the scope.

The better way to protect your app idea is to present a prototype or MVP to them, not an idea. Besides, you also have to be extremely careful while selecting the team you work with to build the app.

Step 1: Protect Your App Ideas —Patent Your Idea

Google does not buy an Idea that has no patent. Having a patent for your app affirms that you have every right to sell your ideas to others. Rember, getting a patent for your idea gives you the right to sell your invention, but it still cannot protect it from getting stolen.

Step 2: Create Online Presence for Your App Idea

You have so many ways to create an online presence for your app idea. Create a website, create social media profiles and pages, and create profiles with Google's place pages. Creating an online presence helps you improve the visibility of your app idea within Google's local business center. Once your app idea starts getting attention, Google will take it as a competitor to other similar apps.

Step 3: Showcase Your App Plan, Explain What Problems will It Solve?

As you know, all apps acquired by Google have something unique to offer. You also need to showcase what extraordinary things that your app will help Google to solve. You may take the example of TikTok that allows people to create short videos and help youngsters showcase their creativity.

Step 4: Explain the Monetization Model

How will your app help investors or buyers earn profit? That means how you will monetize your app. In apps, there are only a few ways to monetize your app. So, the monetization model has to be convincing enough for Google to foresee the profits. Precisely explain the target market and audience.

You can take the example of Tinder and Bumble. Both are similar apps with different monetization strategies. For instance, on Bumble, only women are allowed to make contact, unlike Tinder, allowing both men and women to start the connection.

Step 5: Shape Your App Ideas to Life

As ideas alone can bring you nothing and show proof of concept, the better way to do it is to develop your ideas. Create MVP and present it to Google. You can release the app for public use and get noticed by Google.

Step 6: License Your App

Licensing increases the chances of getting a big payoff. It is similar to renting your home while keeping the sole ownership. No matter what app you have created, license it to Google through your website. It will help you showcase the significance of your app without losing ownership of the app.

How to Submit Your App Ideas to Google?

Finally, you have made your app to the level to submit it to the app. But, you must be exploring how to present the app ideas to Google. So, let's follow the steps given here;

Step 1: Open Google Chrome web browser

Step 2: Go to Google's proposal submission page (type it in Google, and you will the page link)

Step 3: Now do as asked by the Google proposal submission page. For example, choose the type of idea.

Step 4: Provide full name, address, company name, description of the company, and everything required

Step 5: Click the submit button, and your idea will be shared with Google

It's one of the easiest ways to submit your ideas to Google.

Now, wait for the response and see how much your app ideas help you make.

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Formal Thoughts

If you are creative and full of innovative ideas, then you have plenty of other platforms to sell app ideas. For example, you can connect with Apple, Facebook, IT companies, other investors, and more. Let's know if it proves to be resourceful to you. We'd love to hear from you and your suggestions if any regarding selling the app ideas to Google.

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