How to Repair Oriental Rugs?

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All the possessions of beauty have their own essence and role to play in enhancing the interior of your house. But the grace and beauty that an oriental rug adds up to your house are unmatched!

Oriental rugs make a splendid floor covering. Not only beauty they also help to keep flooring scratch less, damage free and add warmth to the room. An oriental rug is something that is found in every other house. Every oriental owner wants its rugs to remain undamaged in the longest run.  But it requires a lot of care and protection; 

otherwise, it gets damaged and soon leaves its charm. 

The major parts of the carpets that require reparation, it’s usually the edges.  The fringes and the side that is known as serge side, it is the place where the yarns are wrapped around. They are the two main common sides that are hit first and damaged the most.

The task of cleaning or reparation of the carpet can’t be done at home. It requires the help of some professional.

Like us, we, Sams Antique Rugs is the leading cleaning and repairing of an oriental rugs service provider. We are specialized in cleaning and repairing all kinds of handmade rugs including Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs, and European rugs. We have a loyal client base and works on a referral basis. Our prices are affordable and services are extraordinary. We offer service in Persian rugs cleaning.

The following is the guide what should be done if your rug needs to be repaired.

As mentioned above it can’t be repaired by an individual it requires the help of some professional. So you should take your rugs to some rug repair specialist. Sams Antique Rugs offer services of rug restoration in Dallas, Tx.

1.       Fix the Fringes 

l  The sides of the carpet are the major parts that are affected the most. In case the fringes or the edges of the carpet are damaged due to the moths or rats, as they eat away at the fibers. One thing that can be done is to take out all the remaining fringes off and serge it like the sides are and not have any fringe on it.

l  Or fringe replacement is also an alternative. It is basically a machine-woven fringe. This fringe is sewn into the rug like that of the original fringe. It looks as usual yet extraordinary as it adds a beauty and gives it an authentic look.

2.       Pile unfolding 

l  Don’t wait for your carpet to get into the worst condition, as once its edges start to damage it soon starts affecting the pile of the carpet. It also increases the expenses while repairing. Fringe repairing should be done as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

l  To prevent the unraveling of the pile, the weaver has to restore the rugby adding more foundation to the rug. This is done by piling the rugs with more and more fiber as per the thickness and height of the rug. For thinner rugs, a flat or short pile is sewn. The weaver re-knots the damaged and lost areas before fixing the fringes. This requires a lot of work and time. Thus it can be very expensive. We offer service in rug restoration in Dallas, Tx.

Therefore it is advisable that don’t wait for long before it is too late for your rugs to be repaired. We provide services in Persian rugs cleaning.

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