How to Outsmart Your Male Chest Reduction journey With & Without Surgery

by Vijaya Solanki Healthcare Doctor

How to Find the Best Doctor for Gynecomastia Surgery in India

Gynecosmatia is a condition in which the breasts of men starts growing. This happens due to hormonal imbalance when men start producing the hormone estrogen. It is women who produce estrogen. When men start producing  estrogen, they end up developing beasts. Gynecomastia is a simple surgery. It is carried out by professionals. Thus keep an open eye when going for a particular surgeon. This is a simple procedure but it requires a lot of skill. A skilled professional can only help one in getting rid of this condition by means of a surgery. The following points must be kept in mind before going for a gynecomastia surgery-

l  It should be ensured that gynecomastia surgery in Indore is carried out by a certified surgeon.

l  The doctor or the surgeon must be a master of his trade.

l  The surgeon must own a legit clinic or be part of a hospital.

l  The surgeon must follow all the protocols before carrying out the surgery.

l  The surgeon must ensure that the patient is counseled well before the surgery.

l  Mostly people who suffer from gynecomastia are low on their self esteem.

l  The doctor must make the patient feel comfortable.

l  One must look into the profile of the surgeon.

l  Before and after pictures should also be monitored.

l  The doctor must educate the surgeon about the possible complications of gynecomastia.

l  The doctor or surgeon must also recommend compression garments.

l  Make sure you read the reviews about the surgeon thoroughly before going for the surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery recovery

After this surgery one needs to be bandaged and given a compression garment to help minimize swelling.A surgical drain may also be fitted to facilitate the removal of excess blood and fluid.   

Gynecomastia surgery typically has a relatively gentle recovery period. If in case pain post the surgery aggravates then go seek a doctor’s help or take painkillers. While some men do experience a temporary loss of sensation in the treated area. But it comes back eventually.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Mumbai

Gynecosmatia is a condition in which men start developing breasts. This happens due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Men produce the hormone testosterone while women produce estrogen. When men start producing more and more estrogen, end up developing beasts. This is commonly known as man boobs. It can be a huge deterrent to one’s overall personality. But men who have it need not worry. One can get rid of it with medication or surgery. If in case medications do not work then surgery is the best option. The surgery was getting rid of gynecomastia is a simple one. It is carried out by wither liposuction or by excision method. Many a time both are combined. So, it depends on the person and his level of gynecomastia.

There can be a number of reasons that cause this condition like aging, puberty, underlying disease, intake of drugs, etc. A typical gynecomastia surgery costs between Rs. 35000 to Rs. 100000. So, weigh your options when going for this very surgery. This surgery is a simple one. The marks from incisions go away after a few weeks of the surgery.

Gynecomastia homemade remedies

Gynecomastia is a condition in which men start developing breasts. These breasts are formed due to the enlargement of male glandular tissues in the breasts rather than the fatty tissue. The main cause of this condition is hormonal imbalance in the body. Thus, this condition can cause a lot of chaos as it can be emotionally challenging. But one need not worry. There exists several home remedies that can come in handy to counter this condition.

Men who have larger testosterone count are less likely to develop man boobs. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is known to increase testosterone in men. Gynecomastia is caused when the level of testosterone in the body of men decreases. Turmeric helps in increasing this very hormone in the body of men.

But it would be wise to consult a physician prior to treating with turmeric. This is because turmeric can worsen other ailments related to stomach and pancreas in the body. So, even if you are going for home remedies you have to be utterly careful.

Steps to use turmeric for the treatment of gynecomastia-

§  Add one to teaspoons of turmeric to a cup of water.

§  Mix the solution and heat it.

§  Drink this turmeric tonic two to three times in a day. 

Photo by Howard O. Young

Eat fish or take supplements, as they help in decreasing gynecomastia. Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold-water fish helps in increasing the amount of testosterone in the body of men. Thus, it can help in treating man boobs. Visit for more such news

Fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids are mentioned below:

§  Tuna

§  Salmon

§  Mackerel

Consult your doctor before u start taking omega-3 supplements. But one can readily inculcate any of the above-mentioned fish types. This will do no harm.

Gynecomastia can tend to be painful, as the enlarged breasts become tender. Wrap a cold compress in a thin towel. The following steps tell us how one can use a cold compress to get rid of tender breasts.

§  Place the wrapped compress on one breast.

§  Leave the cold compress on each breast for a minute.

§  Repeat this treatment.

§  Try no to apply ice directly on the problem area.


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