How to Label Image Data for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Training?

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Labeling the images to create the training data for machine learning or AI is not difficult task if you tool/software, knowledge and skills to annotate the images with right techniques. Actually, to label the images you need a platform where you get specific tool to draw the outline or annotate the object of interest to make it recognizable to machines through computer vision.

How to Label the Images?

To label the images, you a specific tool that is meant image annotation having the all the functions and features to annotate the images for different types of machines learning training. To label the images, first of all you need to upload all the raw images into your system, image labeling software is installed to annotate such images with specific technique as per the customize requirements.

Image Labeling Techniques     

Actually, there are different types of image labeling techniques, like bounding box, semantic segmentation, polygon annotation, polyline annotation, cuboid annotation and landmarking annotation.  And if you have to choose the right technique as per your visual perception model training data algorithm compatibility and requirements to make sure training data is useful for the model.

How to Label Image for Machine Learning?

Labeling the data for machine learning like a creating a high-quality data sets for AI model training.  If the model is based visual perception model, then computer vision based training data usually available in the format of images or videos are used. Image annotation for machine learning is done with the perspective to make the images easily recognizable to machines without any error.

Each image is annotated or you can say labeled to make the objects recognizable to machines that can detect similar objects and predict the results accurately like self-driving cars can detect the pedestrians or other moving vehicles and drive in the right direction without any trouble.  

Image Labeling Deep Learning

If you are looking to annotate the images, for deep learning, you need to choose the image annotation techniques like semantic segmentation annotation that provides a better and in-depth detection of images to recognize the object of interest with better accuracy. Image labeling for deep learning need extra precautions and accuracy which can be done only by professionals for best results.     

Get Image Labeling Services

If you are working on an AI-based model avoid labeling the images own, consult the professional image annotation service provider, who will label data for you with better quality and accuracy. Anolytics is one of the best data annotation companies providing the one-stop solution for annotating the images with best level of accuracy for machine learning training data.

Anolytics can label all types of images for machine learning and deep learning algorithm training. It is annotating images using the various techniques like bounding box, semantic segmentation, polygon annotation, polyline annotation and landmarking annotation or cuboid annotation to make the object of interest easily recognizable to machines with best level of accuracy.     

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