How Drones Can Be Used in Agriculture: Drones Applications in Agriculture

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AI Drones that are also known as autonomous flying objects are playing an important role in improving efficiency and productivity in various fields. In the agriculture field, it is aggressively used to perform various tasks helping farmers to improvise their farm productivity with better crop yield.

But the question right here is how are drones currently being used in agriculture. So, here in this article we will discuss the drone's applications in agriculture with examples and use cases. And how each is made possible for such autonomous flying machines with a machine learning training process.

Drones in Crop Health Monitoring

Farmers are using drones to fly over the matured crop fields to check the health of crops. Yes with computer vision AI-based technology, these drones can capture such useful information and provide the most useful details to farmers. If there is any insecticides or other problem with crops, farmers can take right and timely decisions to protect the crops for such threats.    

Drones in 3D-based Field Mapping

Similarly, agriculture fields can be mapped from the cultivation or ploughing point of view. Few fields that are not suitable or less fertile can give low crop yield due to the odd structure of the agricultural land. If before cultivating farmers can get the fertility of land it can save their time and efforts. While on the other hand, drones can provide such data with AI computer vision-based camera with accurate results.  

Drones in Live Stocks Management 

Live Stocks in farming – of course, part of agriculture are the most important business. Yes in animal husbandry drones are used to monitor Live Stocks like cow, buffalo or sheep browsing the grass in the open fields. These drones are also trained with high-quality drone training data to recognize each animal with their face recognition technology helping farmers keep checking their Live Stocks.      

Drones for Geo Sensing of Fields

Similarly, Geo sensing technology in which satellite-based images are captured to check the geographical areas. In agriculture, drones help farming or bioscience study the soil condition of the agricultural field like moisture level, fertility of the land, quality of soil and other important information from an agricultural point of view. Drones can fly in the midair and travel long distance covering large fields saving the time and efforts of botany experts to analyze various useful information and utilize such land efficiently.

Drones in Forest Management

Farmers involved in plantation business, planting trees and harvesting the same for business purpose are also getting benefits from AI Drones. Yes, this autonomous flying object is used to monitor the trees, keeping an eye on illegal tree cutters, watching unusual activities like fire in the forest, and identification of trees etc. AI cameras in drones can perform such actions helping farmers to make their tree plantation business more profitable. Such drones can also monitor trees at the night with night vision cameras.

Anolytics is a data annotation company providing machine learning training datasets for computer vision. It is also involved in image annotation service to produce the training datasets for drones making AI possible in agriculture and farming for higher productivity at fewer efforts. 

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