How To Know That Your Vehicle Requires An Immediate Brake Servicing

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Your vehicle brakes form one of the most critical components. They assist you to stop your vehicle anywhere, anytime; meaning that without brakes, your vehicle can’t function properly and you might find yourself at the other side of a gruesome accident. And like any other vehicle component, the brakes also tend to wear out over time, especially the brake pads. That's why brake servicing is one of the many car maintenance procedures that you simply can't afford to ignore. A malfunctioning brake can be the difference between life & death. 

The good news is that – failing brakes often give you clear signs or symptoms – before they finally stop working. So, what are those signs? Let’s discuss them in detail.

Signs That Will Tell You That Your Vehicle Brakes Need An Immediate Servicing

1. The Brake Light Comes On

According to a licensed service provider for a pink slip in Marrickville, the brake light on your car console or dashboard can light up for multiple different reasons. The light could pop up if there's an issue with the hydraulic system of your vehicle's brakes. Sometimes, the light could also pop up if the brake fluid has depleted or has a low amount. 

Thus, there can be a variety of different reasons why your brake light may turn on and you’d not want to ignore any warning sign that can challenge your vehicle’s safety. 

2. The Brakes Are Making Grinding Noises When Applied

One of the most common concerns that most vehicle owners tend to face is the squealing or grinding noise that is heard when you apply the brakes. The noise that you hear is that metal vs metal grinding, which takes place when you apply the vehicle brakes. 

Such noises are a common indication that the brake pads have worn out and you’ll need to replace them. 

3. The Brakes Feel Soft Or Spongy When Applying

If you realise any difference in the overall resistance of the brake pedal, that is – the brakes are feeling too soft or spongy – then it’s a glaring sign that your brakes need to be serviced quickly. 

The aforementioned issue can happen when there is the presence of moisture or air inside the braking system. Sometimes, brakes can feel spongy due to a problem with the master cylinder of the braking system as well. 

Most modern vehicles these days come with power brakes and thereby the brake pedal should stop at 1 to 1-1/2 inch height from the vehicle floor. For manual brakes, the brake pedal should stop at more than 3 inches from the vehicle floor. 

Hence, if you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our mechanics today. We’re ready to assist you at any moment. 

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