How to Keep Your Curtains Clean

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Woven fabrics are used for making curtains. The pleats on curtains can harbor a large amount of dust, molds and pet hair. Moreover, the presence of all of them ultimately gives curtains a dirty look. Curtains full of dust create a very bad impression of the house. Hence, maintaining the cleanliness of curtains is usually necessary. The cleaning of curtains moreover, depends upon the type of fabric the curtains have. This article is about some professional curtain cleaning ways by which you can keep your curtains clean. Have a look at some of some of the best ones, directly from experts:

·       Unlined Curtains

They usually require low-maintenance. You can hand wash them directly in lukewarm water.

·       Lined Curtains

They are tricky to wash because the fabric of the curtain and the lining are of different materials. To avoid shrinkage, you can simply dry clean them.

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·       Polyester, Acrylic and Cotton Curtains

Remove the accessories from curtains. Firstly, shake them well outside. Then wash them in a washing machine in cold water. Try not to overload the machine, however. It is easy to dry polyester and cotton curtains in a dryer but make sure to remove them as soon as possible from dryer because they can get wrinkles fast. Try to iron them moreover before hanging. For polyester, if you iron the curtains when it is slightly damp, you will get the best results.

·       Voiles/ Sheers

They are made of delicate material. Hence, they can get the snag in the machine. We recommend you to wash them in cold water with hands in a sink using some good quality detergent. Soak them in a solution of Epsom salt for 10 minutes in order to give them a crisp feel.

·       Velvet Curtains

Mostly they are washable by machine. Wash them in cold water giving the delicate cycles. In order to dry them, lay them flat on a sheet of cotton. Do not dry them in the dryer. We recommend you to only dry-clean the line velvet curtains.

·       Silk Curtains

Silk curtains are best to dry clean only. But you can wash them at home too. Wash them in a tub with lukewarm water. Add a mild detergent in water. Now give them a hand washing. Rinse them until all detergent comes out of them. Remove all the water from curtains. Let them dry at some place out of reach of direct sunlight. Finally, iron them while there is dampness in them and hang them.

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·       Linen Curtains

You can wash them in the washing machine in cold delicate cycles. But you must make sure about the washing method from the manufacturer first however. If you cannot wash them in a washing machine, hand washing is also one of the options Use a mild detergent for washing them. Let them dry. Iron them and hang them. You can even hang them while they are still damp.

·       How to Remove Molds from Curtains?

Molds love to grow on curtains. In order to get rid of them from curtains, dissolve 500 g of non-iodized salt in a bucket of water. Add ½ tablespoon of clove oil. Soak the curtains in this bucket. Leave them for 2-4 hours. Now remove the water as much as possible. Finally, hang them in an area with direct sunlight. If you find salt crystals on the surface, remove them by brushing.

·       Regular Cleaning

Try to dislodge the dust regularly from your curtains. Vacuum the curtains without upholstery vacuum attachment because the teeth will snag the curtains. Additionally, you can also give them a dryer treatment for 10 minutes. Make sure however to keep the dryer on no heat mode.

·       Professional Curtain Cleaning Services-

Professionals are the right people to get in touch with for giving your curtains a new-like look. Sometimes dirty curtain can also become the hiding spots of different types of pests and germs which can lead to further diseases. Hence, professional curtain cleaning service is what you must avail under such circumstances. Apart from lending your curtains a squeaky clean finish, the professionals also make sure they are free from bacteria and allergens.

When it comes to availing professional service, you must always trust the best, however. Marks Curtain Cleaning is a leading in curtain cleaning company with many years of experience and expertise. Moreover, they also have the right tools and equipment to help you maintain your curtains for a long period of time.

Get in touch with the experts on 1800 332 996 and let them enhance the beauty of your home by doing their magic on your curtains!

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