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A so-called ‘green thumb’ can be an elusive compliment for some of us. After all, raising plants can be tricky. Plants of all types have their own needs when it comes to thriving, and no matter how forgiving the plant, killing them is fairly easy. Underwatering, overwatering, too much sunlight, too little sunlight; all these actions can destroy your plant, and you may not even realize it.


Luckily, there’s a proven way to salvage those plants that aren’t looking too healthy after a long dry spell, or have fried in the sun for too long. Rooting powders are a great way to revive cuttings from plants, whether they’re stems, leaves, or roots. If your mother plant has taken a beating, explore the ways that rooting powders can give that plant a second chance, all with very little effort.


Balanced Hormones


Root powders are divided out into different categories of hormones. Depending on the needs for your plant cuttings, certain hormones will work better than others. There is also a wide variety of strengths of these powders, which promote growth at different speeds. It’s very easy to reference a plant list in order to find the best rooting hormone for your plants and cuttings; this list of plants will narrow down the most effective product for your cuttings in terms of speed and necessary chemical promotion. Finding the right powder for the right plant is the first crucial step when it comes to sprouting new growths from old plants. It’s like nourishing a human body; with the right energy levels at hand, your cutting will thrive, but with the wrong levels and wrong hormones affecting its health, your plant won’t look so good.


Promoted Growth


Once you have the right hormone for your cuttings, it’s time to plant. Make sure to research the type of soil your new cutting will need to grow in; succulents require soils that hold moisture, while most common house plants are okay in regular garden soil. Whatever the appropriate choice, have your container ready for the new cutting. Once the cutting is planted, make sure to give it plenty of water. Healthy hydration allows the roots to develop into the strong system they need to survive. A plastic bag works as a great mini greenhouse, trapping warmth and humidity inside the bag to keep that fresh cutting cozy and moist.


Keep that little cutting in direct sunlight to promote root growth. Once the new roots have taken a firm hold, you can treat the cutting like you would any other plant. Do some research to find out when your cuttings will reach optimum root growth, so you have a firm understanding of when to treat the cutting as a plant.


With the help of root powders, having a green thumb is much easier. Those plants that you accidentally overwatered are given a second chance at healthy growth, especially after you’ve done your research and know how to keep those plants happy and healthy.

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