How to Fix Google Smart Lock Not Working

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Google Smart Lock is also known as Android Smart Lock. The Smart Lock lets you create a situation where your device gets unlocked automatically. When you are at home, the phone is kept unlocked, but when you are in your office, then you have to unlock your phone manually. If you are facing Google smart lock not working issue, then go through the solutions mentioned below to fix this error.
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Here’s how to Fix Google Smart Lock Not Working Issue

1.Enable the High Location Accuracy

  •    Go to the Settings tab.
  •    Open the Connections menu.
  •     Go down and press on the Location option.
  •     Search for the Locating Method option.
  •     Press on the Location Method option.
  •     Now, you will get all the locations list on the screen.
  •     Ensure that you choose the High Accuracy option.
  •     You need to start saving the changes you have made and close that window.
  •     Start the device again.
  •     Now, you have to check whether you have fixed the Google Smart Lock or not.

2.Turn on Smart Lock from Trusted Agents

  •     Go to the Settings tab.
  •     Click on the Lock screen and security option.
  •     Press on the Other Security Settings option.
  •     Go down till you will get the Trust Agents list.
  •     After getting it, press on the Trust Agent.
  •     On that window, you will get the Smart Lock option.
  •     Unselect the option.
  •     Start the device again.
  •     Once you have completed the restarting process, return to the settings tab.
  •     Find the option once again.
  •     You can set the Google smart lock again to check whether you have fixed Google smart lock not working issue or not.

3.Update Android to the Latest Version

  •     Press on the Settings tab.
  •     Go to the Software update option.
  •     In case you have gone through the Download updates automatically option, then you have to press on the Download updates manually option.
  •     The Android phone starts finishing the updated in case there are any latest updates is pending.
  •     You have to start installing the latest updates.
  •     After that, you have to check that Google smart lock not working issue is fixed or not.

4.Use Coordinates for Trusted Places

  •     Go to the location settings option.
  •     Place the location to the Battery Saver option.
  •     Go to the Lock screen and security option.
  •     Click on the Google Smart Lock option.
  •     Press on the Trusted Places option.
  •     On that window, you have to permit to turn on GPS.
  •     After that, press on the Yes button.
  •    Choose the location by entering the pin code.
  •     When you choose the location, you will be provided with coordinates rather than entering the full address.
  •     Now, you need to start saving the location and close that window.
  •    You need to check that you have successfully fixed Google smart lock are not working issue.

5.Check What Devices are Synced with Your Google Account

  •     Go to Google.
  •     Press on the profile picture provided at the upper right-hand corner of the display.
  •     Choose the option of Google account.
  •     After opening the account settings, go to the Security option.
  •     After that, check Your devices option.
  •     You will get the menu list of all the available device on the Your device window that is linked with the Google Account.
  •     You don’t have to click on Chromebook, computer and many more.
  •     You need to only search for smartphones.
  •     In case there is the option of two or three smartphones which are linked with the Google Account, then you have to sign out first.
  •     In case you are confirmed that only one smartphone is linked with the account, then use the Google smart lock to check whether you have fixed Google smart lock are not working issue.



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