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A digital-only bank offers digital banking services completely via digital platforms, like mobile, tablets, and the Internet. It provides basic and best digital banking solutions in the most simplified way, with the assistance of electronic documentation, automated processes, and real-time data.

Digital-Only Banking Is A Growing Industry Of The Best Digital Banking Solutions!

Digital-only banking is a growing wave of customer-focused digital banking institutions concentrated on serving their clients solely via online means. Envision, a bank you never need to visit, lines you never need to stand by in, and no hassles with cumbersome cash and onerous paperwork.

The rise of digital-only banking is a global event. New digital-only banks, otherwise called neobanks, are being launched and fighting for market share all around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, India, UAE, Israel, and Hong Kong.

For a customer, the benefit of a digital-only bank is the commitment to superior financial returns. Without the expense of physical branch offices and the employees’ expenses to staff them, their cost base is incredibly diminished. Digital-only banks can, hence, offer clients lower fees and higher interest rates on deposits.

Digital-only banks are additionally utilizing the cloud to further lessen capital expenditures and acquire agility over traditional banks with their on-premises data centers, legacy application infrastructure and networks.

So why have neobanks as a part of atmanirbhar Bharat not thrived? Presently, digital-only banks continue to be a niche market, as they have not yet understood their capability to make the fundamental customer experience and provide the range of products, services, and support needed to acquire critical market share. Customers additionally stress over the security of their financial data given the limitations on the cybersecurity resources directed by the financial constraints of a portion of the neobanks.


Customer Experience With Digital Banking

As digital-only banks have no physical presence, their online customer experience should be exceptional to contend with conventional banks. Their mobile and web applications should accommodate a total range of transactions and customer support activities, though a conventional bank's online presence is presented as an assistant to their physical branches. Thusly, digital-only banks should not just accommodate online account creation – including the capture of all forms, proof of identity, and signature verification, needed by regulation and practice – they should likewise uphold the full scope of digital banking services customers require. This is one area in which digital-only banks have so far neglected to meet their capacity.

Regardless of whether digital-only banks crack the code on giving a supreme customer experience, they will be tested to defeat the apparent inadequacies of the online presence of conventional banks. While the emphasis on giving an excellent customer experience (CX) is not the selective domain of digital-only banks, conventional banks are slacking, compelled to incorporate their online presence with their legacy banking platforms, returning to their physical branches to add to the customer service process where vital.

Customers disappointed with the online experience of physical banks project their dissatisfaction onto that presented by neobanks, sight unseen. Customers are reluctant to surrender admittance to physical branch offices, regardless of the amount they scorn the idea, as it fills in as a safety net should it be required.

Digital-only banks, consequently, ought to effectively promote the supremacy of their customer experience to defeat the defiance to forego the security blanket of a physical bank branch. As a considerable lot of the neobanks don't have the marketing resources to promote their CX, this makes them vulnerable to a scope of biased, negative sentiments.


Customer Demographics Of Digital Banking

Digital banking engages definite demographics, like Millennials, while having little allure for other people, like retirees. Consumers aged 18 to 24 are the heaviest clients of mobile banking, with 82% of smartphone owners in this demographic portion utilizing mobile banking as contrasted with just 29% of the 65+ age group. Millennials, as a demographic, have their own, individual monetary issues for which they require assistance and guidance.

Digital-only banks hoping to characterize themselves would be well encouraged to expand their customer experience plans to incorporate advice, guidance, products, and digital banking services, to help these customers in a technique for dealing with their expenses and debt while investing for the future.



Launching digital-only banks with their distinctive branding have turned out to be a trend among conventional banks.

Conventional banks that desire to launch an independent, digital-only offering must give an exclusive incentive to fascinate clients. Regional physical banks could use a separate digital-only offering to extend their reach well beyond their current geography and conceivably cater to a new demographic. National conventional banks will require to contrast their spawned neobanks through lower fees, a superior CX, favorable rates, and millennial-specific services and products.


In a nutshell, Industry analysts are arranged on both sides of the digital-only banking debate; some foresee them acquiring critical market share while others anticipate their collapse after some time. It should be perceived that the failure or success of digital-only banking as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat is definitely not a singular question but instead a multifaceted issue contingent upon each neobank’s range of products, digital banking services, financial resources, technological prowess, customer experience, and geographic and demographic target customers.

Indeed, even with a sound procedure and adequate capital to support an extensive security program and marketing plan, a neobank should offer an unparalleled customer experience that is fit for supporting all essential transactions.


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