How to find the best TFV8 Baby Beast coil

by Greg Thompson Vape Shop Owner

We've put together a bit of information about each Smok Baby Beast coil to help you find the right one for you: 

SMOK V8-Baby Q2 Coils: The SMOK V8-Baby Q2 coil is one of the lowest-powered and smallest coils available in this series. This coil has a single large hole directly in the center of it, providing very little resistance when taking a hit and allowing for open and airy draws. With its vertical dual coil design, it puts out some fantastic flavor. While it still produces a good amount of vapor, the cloud production of this coil is definitely among the more modest of the coils available for this tank. With a resistance of 0.4 ohms, this coil can take anywhere between 40W and 80W, although the sweet spot is between 55W and 65W. There's also a 0.6 ohm Q2 coil available, with a much tighter draw and lower power level. The 0.6 ohm Q2 is rated for 20-50W with a recommended best range of 30-40 watts.

Resistance: 0.4/0.6 ohms

Wattage Range: 40 – 80W / 20-50W

Best Between: 55 – 65W / 30-40W

Best For: Those looking for fantastic flavor accompanied by an airy and open draw, or the 0.6 for those looking for less battery and eJuice consumption with a tighter draw.

SMOK V8-Baby X4 Coils:

The first difference you'll notice between this coil and the previous two, is that the V8-Baby X4 Coil has two holes in it rather than one. Rather than four coils all stacked on top of each other like in the Q4, this has two holes side by side each with two stacked coils inside of each one. What this means for you is that you will get a tighter hit with less airflow through the coil. Also, because this coil contains less cotton than the previous two, it might not last quite as long before needing be replaced. With a resistance of 0.15 ohms, you can run this bad boy between 30W and 70W, with a recommended wattage range of 45W to 60W.

Resistance: 0.15 ohms

Wattage Range: 30W – 70W

Best Between: 45W – 60W

Best For: Those who would like tighter and less airy hits.

SMOK V8-Baby T6 Coils:

The SMOK V8-Baby T6 Coil is the highest powered coil available for the Baby Beast tanks and also the first one with six coils crammed into it. Each of the three holes in this coil contains two vertical coils. What sets the T6 coil apart from the rest is its lower resistance, tighter draw and increased vapor cloud production. Due to its higher wattage range, it'll also be a much warmer vaping experience than the previous three coils. Clocking in at 0.2 ohms, the SMOK V8-Baby T6 coil can be run anywhere from a modest 40W all the way up to 130W, with the sweet spot being between 70W and 90W.

Resistance: 0.2 ohms

Wattage Range: 40W – 130W

Best Between: 70W – 90W

Best For: Those who want huge vapor production, warm hits, and a wide open draw.

SMOK V8-Baby T8 Coils:

While very similar to the previous coil, the SMOK V8-Baby T8 Coil has an additional set of dual coils, meaning four holes, rather than three, and bringing the total amount of coils up to eight, since each of these holes has a stack of two coils in it. The addition of these two extra coils means that you will see enhanced flavor compared to that of the V8-Baby T6 Coil but at the cost of slightly diminished vapor production. The hit is also a tiny bit tighter than that of the T6. With a resistance of 0.15 ohms, you can run this coil between 50W and 110W, although you'll find the best performance between 60W and 80W.

Resistance: 0.15 ohms

Wattage Range: 50W – 110W

Best Between: 60W – 80W

Best For: Those seeking the best flavor and massive vapor production.

SMOK V8-Baby T12 Coils:

Now we're going to visit the big boy of the TFV8 Baby Beast line of coils, the SMOK V8-Baby T12 Coil. While at first glance it looks exactly the same as the T8, each of the four holes actually has an additional coil inside of it, bring the total amount of coils up to 12, hence the T12 in the name of the coil. With this coil, you'll get increased vapor production and a more profound flavor, thanks to the impressive number of coils contained within it. Despite having four additional coils, the T12 also clocks in at a resistance of .15 ohms and it actually has a lower wattage range than the V8-Baby T8. You'll want to run this one between 50W and 90W, with the sweet spot being from 60W to 80W.

Resistance: 0.15 ohms

Wattage Range: 50W – 90W

Best Between: 60W – 80W

Best for: Those who want tight hits, great flavor, and increased vapor production.

SMOK V8-Baby M2 Coils:

Designed for the SMOK Stick V8, these V8-Baby M2 coils are designed specifically for direct output, meaning the 3.7 nominal voltage supplied by non-adjustable stick batteries. Although you can use these inside of any Baby Beast tank on a box mod, they're best used in a constant voltage system like the Stick V8, and I wouldn't really recommend using it elsewhere. There are two different coils bearing the M2 name, one with a resistance of 0.15 ohms and the other with a resistance of .25 ohms. On their intended Stick V8 devices, the 0.15 ohm coil will be warmer, have a more wide open draw, and produce more vapor, while the 0.25 will have a more intense flavor and provide a tighter draw.

Resistance: 0.25 / 0.15

Wattage Range: 20W – 50W / 70W – 90W

Best for: Those using non-adjustable direct output devices like the SMOK Stick V8, or seeking a tighter hit.

SMOK V8-Baby Mesh Coils:

The most recent addition to the TFV8 Baby Beast line of coils, the SMOK V8-Baby Mesh Coils are completely unique from the others. These coils use one single wrap of mesh wire that almost entirely surrounds the cotton on the inside of the coil. With the increased surface area coverage and more efficient vaporization of your juice, you'll get superb flavor and often better coil life from the V8-Baby Mesh coils than you will from the previous coils on this list. The only drawback you'll find is that these coils may take slightly longer to heat up than the other coils on this list.

Resistance: .15

Wattage Range: 40W – 80W

Best Between: 60W – 70W

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