How to Educate Kids about Water Conservation

by Arun Malik Aspam Scottish School

Water plays a crucial role in our daily lives. We use water multiple times for various things like cleaning, drinking and readying our food. Our pets need it, we need it to bathe… the list is endless. However, we end up being careless sometimes by unnecessarily keeping taps on and letting water run. Thus, we often take water for granted because we have easy access to it. But, we are not aware of the problems that we will face once water begins to run out.

Therefore, water conservation is the ideal step in ensuring that we have access to clean water in future too. But, how can you teach the importance of water conservation to children? Schools in Noida are already spreading awareness about this among kids, but as parents, it’s our responsibility to secure better future of the young ones. No doubt, it can be challenging to teach children regarding good water management, but it’s an important lesson.

How Kids Can Help to Save Water

In the kitchen

·         Close the kitchen tap when no more water is required

·         Use a bowl of water to water fruits or vegetables

·         Avoid running the faucet until the water gets cold enough to drink. Instead, fill up a large water bottle and keep it in a fridge.

In the bathroom

·         Turn off the tap while brushing teeth can save up to 200 gallons of water per month

·         Choose showers over baths. A bath usually consumes up to 30 gallons of water, whereas a 5-minute shower will utilize just 10-20 gallons

·         Take shorter baths

·         Stop running water while lathering or shampooing.

·         Close tap after each use

·         Avoid flushing waste or tissue paper into the toilet

Other practices to save water

·         Implement the idea of rainwater harvesting at home

·         Tell family, friends and neighbours to save water

·         Conduct awareness campaigns in your locality on ways to conserve water

·         Ensure that you turn off taps before leaving your home or when going out on a vacation

By following such easy practices at home, one gains dual benefits – conserving water and inspiring your little one to become a responsible human being.

How to Prepare Kids for Water Crisis

Across the world, children are taking up the responsibility to raise awareness about water conservation. From conducting garbage cleaning drives to saving lakes, children understand their duty towards the environment. Apart from teaching the kids about the value of saving water, it is also crucial to prepare them on how to overcome the situation of a water crisis. Here are the ways to make this possible –

1. Let your child recommend ways to reduce water consumption in the house. Use up their ideas — this will encourage him/her to show efforts to save water.

2. Make your child aware about the amount of water consumed in your home and motivate him/her to set goals to cut-down the monthly water consumption

3. Amid the water crisis, enlighten the kids that water is going to be scant and they must use it wisely

4. To educate children about the importance of saving water, keep a bucket out when it is raining outside and utilize the water for washing and cleaning purposes

Kids learn by doing. There is nothing that makes them acquainted with the water-wise practices better than asking them to get involved. Also, Best Schools in Noida are putting their best efforts to explain kids the importance of water.



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