How to Defeat Dojo Master Mustard in Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

by Bobby Clarke Developer

The Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass has arrived already. You might have started a new journey of exploring new locations, new Pokémon, and new challenges. One thing you should know is that battles into the Isle of Armor will be harder than the general storyline, and that is why you need to use a perfect strategy and collection of strong Pokémon. Battling with several challenges, you will face Dojo Master Mustard, who has some great skills. Defeating the Dojo master is not easy, and if you have battled with him, you might have released that as well. It needs strategy and information about this master to defeat him in the first place.

Who is Master Mustard?

Master Mustard is a former champ of Galar, and he also trained Leon himself. Master Mustard is clearly different from all the other Trainers you have faced. Just like all other champions, Master Mustard has a spectacular collection of various diversity of Pokémon. You cannot defeat him just like any other trainer; in fact, you need to be more strategic while battling with him. Make a strong strategy of battle before getting into battle and get ready for the final battle. 

First Battle

During your arrival into Dojo, Master Mustard will check your skills by a test battle. Your first battle with master might be easy if you enter into the Isle of Armor without being champ of Galar. Sometimes players have to defeat the core section of the game before getting into DLC. However, if you haven’t done that, Master Mustard will be a little soft on you and will use the low level of Pokémon. His first battle team consists of only two separate Pokémon.

  • Mienfoo of Level 13 or Level 61.
  • Shinx of Level 13 or Level 61.

Even if these Pokémon are on level 61, they will be easy to defeat because Mienfoo can’t be dominant against Flying, Fairy, and Psychic-type Pokémon. If you use any of these Pokémon, your battle will be easier to win. Whereas, Shinx carries low dominancy against the Ground-type Pokémon. From this information, winning will be easier for you, and even if you don’t fight with the advantage, you still can win because it’s just two Pokémon.

Second Battle

Your next faceoff against Master Mustard will happen either on the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Water. This battle will be different from the first battle because Master Mustard will grant you to battle with only Kubfu with his own Kubfu. Before the battle starts, you will have the time to prepare yourself for the battle. Master Mustard’s Kubfu will be Level 30 or Level 70.

So to prepare for the battle, there is one major thing that you should know is to upgrade your Kubfu to at least level 70 or above. The Kubfu of Master Mustard is quite strong, and it also uses the Arial Ace attack, so in order to avoid brutal damage, you need to learn Psychic, Flying, or Fairy-type move. If you upgrade your Kubfu and use the right type, you will probably win the battle, and this type of preparation is necessary when you battle with Master Mustard.

Final Battle

You will be enabled to challenge Master Mustard one more time when you evolve Kubfu in the Urshifu. This will be the final and most interesting battle that ever happens with Master Mustard. Because you are at a higher level, it will be a challenging fight for you. Master Mustard will choose several tough Pokémon, but his toughest and most dangerous Pokémon will be Urshifu.

So once you reach the level and face Master Mustard for the final time, you need to be careful from every Pokémon he chooses. All those challenging Pokémon will be above level 70, so you need to keep yourself up to the same level.

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