How to clean stainless steel furniture

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Imagine buying the perfect stainless steel furniture, hoping to avoid dent and rust, only to discover that a thick layer of your fingerprints has formed on the surface of your 22-week old furniture. 

These kinds of formation should not be unpredictable as every home appliance and furniture attracts dirt after a few weeks of use. Truth is, everything needs to be maintained. Therefore, if you thought that buying inox furniture would exempt you from maintenance afterwards, you are wrong. That thought is likely to bring the longevity and beauty of your steel furniture down. 

Whether you are thinking of purchasing stainless steel furniture or have already purchased one, you must know how to clean stainless steel furniture. 

How to clean stainless steel furniture?

How to clean stainless steel furniture will entirely depend on the marks that you have on the type of dirt prints you have on the surface of your steel furniture. Here are the 5 common methods to clean. 

Vinegar + Water

The combination of vinegar and water is perfect for cleaning hard watermarks. Use 1 part of 15-25% mild vinegar to 3 parts of water. Then rinse with clean water and dry your furniture. 

White vinegar + Olive oil

Ideal for the steel furniture in a restaurant, the combination is ideal for removing grime from the surface. Spray white vinegar on your furniture and let it sit before wiping the surface. Then rub the surface with olive oil for a fresh smell. 

Dish Soap/ Mineral Oil

Dish soap or Mineral oil is perfect for getting rid of the oil that may deposit on the stainless steel surface. Clean the furniture with dish soap using a non-abrasive rug.

Glass cleaner/household ammonia

Fingerprints and oils can be easily removed using glass cleaner or household ammonia. Use a microfiber piece of clothing to rub the surface with the cleaning. Remove any residue using a dry cloth. 


Flour can be used to clean grim, oil, residues off a table. Apply flour to your stainless steel table with a soft rug in a circular motion. 


Using a polish is a bit tactical as incorrect use can leave corrosion. Use a nylon cloth and wipe surfaces with grain. 

How frequently should you clean?

Ponoma Steel suggests that investing 2-3 minutes per week to clean your inox furniture with a dry microfiber clean would keep dirt deposits away. If you are using a complex solution for stubborn marks, you clean once every 6 months. 

Things to avoid

  • Bleaches
  • Acid solution
  • Steel brushes

Final Thoughts

Stainless steel furniture is not high maintenance, yet it requires cleaning from time to time. 

Rather than waiting to get your stainless steel to get dirty explicitly, you can clean and maintain it once a while before that happens. Clean your stainless steel every week. Inspect the kind of dirt you are dealing with and use the appropriate method mentioned above. 

This guide on how to clean stainless steel furniture would give you a headstart in your inox furniture clean that would keep the beauty and life of your furniture intact. 

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