How to choose your host?

by Naveed Iqbal SEO SEO Expert

If you have just created your site or are planning to create one, the first important choice you need to make is choosing the host. This is a very important step that you must face without rush, taking the time to assess all aspects related to the costs, performance, and services related to your website. Novice users tend to make the mistake of buying the most prominent hosting on the web. Follow my advice on how to choose the right hosting for your site , and you'll find out what features to evaluate before deciding which Web hosting in Lahore is the best for you.

In search of the best accommodation

What is the difference between hosting and domain name?

There is a tendency to confuse these two terms because they are usually related to each other, but it is good to clarify them before you begin.

The domain is the name you enter when you want to visit a site. For example, is the domain name of this blog. The domain is the property of the holder and may not even refer to a site if it is not associated with a hosting service that allows the publication of pages.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting | Asia Cafe Malaysia

Hosting, as you may have understood, is the service that holds the pages of your site or a content creation tool like WordPress or Joomla. To put it much simpler, a hosting service is a computer (a server) that responds when you type in the domain name. Usually, this is the computer of a company that rents space and services.

Choose your host

Choosing the best web hosting in Lahore for your website, as I told you is something to be done calmly, so take the time and let me guide you in this choice. I am going to provide you with everything so that you can choose the best hosting for your site and avoid a few mistakes that will cost you a lot more than what you spend. In a seemingly simple operation like choosing to host, there are many factors to consider and the importance you place on each one depends entirely on you, the type of site you have built, or are about to build. build, the budget you have, and the goal you set for yourself. Well, let's start with the simple things ...

How to choose hosting - free or paid?

or rather… for pleasure or for work? This is the first question you must ask yourself. If the answer is “for fun” and you are looking for site hosting where you can experiment and try out the features of a new CMS or test your programs, you can choose from the many hosting services. free available on the network.

The choice of these services should also be made with care, as free web hosts place banner ads in the webspace they offer you or, even worse, insert clauses in license agreements that make them owners of the content they you produce.


Also, these providers do not provide a second-level domain but a third-level domain and that means you cannot have a domain name like but you have to settle for something like your website host .com

When it comes to performance and assistance in the event of a malfunction, there is not much to say except that the performance is poor and there is no direct assistance.

The sites published with these services indeed reside on servers shared by thousands of users. They are therefore overloaded and their resources are often undersized for the required use. The support in case of problems, if you want to call it that, is provided by the same users who participate in the forums where they discuss (sometimes without specific knowledge) the various problems related to their sites.

Another factor you should consider if your choice is geared towards free hosting is the possible migration to a paid service in case your project takes off.

If you have decided to buy paid web hosting in Lahore, you will surely have found offers on the Internet which offer unlimited resources for a few euros and others which for much more describe in detail the resources offered.

How is it possible that a service that offers unlimited bandwidth and disk is less expensive than a service that offers 10 GB of disk instead and a monthly bandwidth of 50 GB?

Those who offer unlimited resources aim to acquire the largest number of clients and know that those clients are unlikely to come and use all the server's resources. Also, when the site starts to build traffic if your site is a dynamic site like a blog or eCommerce site, the first resource to run out is the CPU. In this case, an upgrade to a higher service is offered.

This type of hosting is ideal for those who need to build a site from scratch. If your site receives few visits per month, this is a good deal for you! When resources start to run out and your site starts to develop more traffic, then you can consider upgrading without having to move the domain somewhere else, keeping the same provider.

The importance of reputation and support

In the hosting industry, whether a service is good or bad, it is discussed in forums and blogs. There you will find experiences, discussions, and comparisons that can help you choose the right accommodation.

The assistance service is also decisive in the choice of accommodation. What I recommend that you do before making the purchase is to send an email to request information about what is not clear to you or the details of the offers to assess response time and degree of response. the technical expertise of the host's support service.


If for some reason your site needs support and is offline because of a malfunction, it is very important that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible so that you do not lose visits and sales in the event of a site. e-commerce.


Choosing the right web hosting in Lahore for your site is not easy and the offers online are constantly changing. Hope I gave you the elements to find the best service.

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