How to Choose the Right Pillow for Neck Pain

by Manju Sharma Writer

Do you think spending five minutes browsing the Internet is enough to find the right cervical neck support pillow? Allow this post to take you to an in-depth survey.

A healthy sleep pattern is quintessential because it promotes mental and physical health besides keeping you active throughout the day. But after a tiring day at the office, imagine going off to bed with tremendous neck pain? Admittedly, neck pain will affect your quality of sleep.

So, the first thing you need to take care of is to reduce the discomfort or pain in the neck area. That’s where the importance of buying a neck-supportive pillow gets highlighted. Are you planning to invest in a cervical neck pillow online? If yes, here’s your comprehensive guide to choosing the product based on the crucial parameters. Read on to learn further.

1. For Back Sleepers:

Ensure the Pillow Maintains Healthy Postures: The Support

Maintaining a healthy posture is the most important parameter back sleepers should consider. That means people who prefer sleeping in this posture must select the medium loft with medium firmness. Moreover, these pillows have materials conforming to pressure, such as memory foam! To ensure that the pillow maintains the right postures, these features are the must-included ones:

·         Should be a medium loft to relieve pressure

·         Medium firmness to ensure the pillow does not get flattened

·         Conform to pressure to keep your head comfortable

Constructed with Special Features: The Prime Need

Although the following features are not compulsory to have, a pillow with these features will be a perfect fit.

·         Should have customisable support with adjustable fills

·         Bouncy support to promote a slow sink into the pillow

2. For Side Sleepers

What you need:

Keeping your posture healthy alongside a neutral spine is two important things a side sleeper considers. So, when choosing the right travel neck pillow for your voyage, ensure that it meets the following criteria.

·         Must have a firm support

·         A lofty pillow to relieve pressure in the shoulder

Ensure that you choose a pillow that comprises a gusset. As a matter of fact, the side sleepers might also require a special pillow to put between legs, thereby maintaining spinal alignment. In general, side sleepers suffering from spondylitis can use a spondylosis pillow for the neck.

3. Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers might feel it difficult to find the right pillow for them. Experts suggest that it’s better to avoid this position as it puts you at higher risks of straining the neck. It may also put extra pressure on your abdomen or backbone. But if you’re a regular stomach sleeper, you can follow these tips for choosing the right pillow:

·         It should be low loft

·         Should have soft support

If you are a stomach sleeper and are unsure about getting appropriate support, you may choose the cervical pillows.

You can get an endless range of cervical neck support pillows in the market. And choosing the one according to your preference and taste might now be less tedious with these mentioned tips. While choosing, only remember that keeping your sleeping posture healthy is the most significant thing. Once you understand how to achieve it, you will be at a lower risk of suffering from tremendous neck or back pain.


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