How to choose the right fence and fence style for your property

by Jordan McDowell Content Strategist

Who is a good candidate for having new fencing installed around their property and why?


There are many good candidates for having new fencing installed around their property: Homeowners needing to replace a deteriorated fence, homeowners wanting to upgrade their property value, homeowners with animals, homeowners with property adjacent to another property.


New fences improve curb appeal, reduce liability from their own wandering animals, help to keep other animals out of their yard/garden, discourage thieves, maintain privacy, and help to establish clear property boundaries (to know who is responsible for what).


When is fencing required, typically, and why, by a municipality or ordinance?


For residential fencing, municipalities typically regulate height and placement of fences, not requiring that they be erected – except that some local ordinances may require fencing around a swimming pool with certain specifications for safety purposes (mostly to protect small children from drowning).


What are the pros and cons, costs, and best candidates for each of the following type of fencing:

a. Chain link – Chain-link is a great, low-cost option for your property if you need to keep animals enclosed in your yard, or if you need to keep people out. Chain-link is one of the best options for yard security, and is very durable. Steel chain-link fencing stands up well to desert climates, has a very long life-span, and requires zero maintenance.

b. Wooden - Wood fences are a great way to go for creating privacy on your property. Unfortunately, weather causes a lot of damage to – or loss of integrity in – wood fences. If not maintained, wood fences will only last 3-6 years. If you DO keep them properly maintained, maintenance fees could cost five times the initial cost of the installation.

c. Composite/vinyl - Vinyl is an excellent fence made from high quality PVC that requires virtually no maintenance (other than occasional cleaning for aesthetics). Vinyl fencing instantly enhances the look of any property, and it does not rot or deteriorate like wood, so you'll never need to paint it or use sealing of any kind. Vinyl fencing costs more than wood, but it’s zero-maintenance and long life span make it a far better value.

d. Other – Privacy Chain Link -  For those who like the affordability and zero-maintenance of chain-link fencing, yet still desire privacy. Privacy chain link fencing is a chain link fence with vinyl inserts. Compared to a traditional wooden fence, a chain link privacy fence provides similar privacy, yet it is longer lasting and a fraction of the cost of a wooden fence.


My number one fence recommendations


I typically recommend the best fencing based the homeowners needs, wants and budget. As for popularity in our service area, ranch-style vinyl is commonly purchased. Our service area is more rural, so many homeowners prefer that classic ranch-style appearance with a two, three, or four-rail ranch-style white vinyl fence.


Points homeowners should consider before committing to a particular type of fencing (e.g., esthetic appeal, longevity, maintenance, resale value, etc.)


Homeowners should primarily consider the look that they want to achieve for their home, as well as what is popular in their area – should they consider selling their home. They definitely should consider their time and financial budget when it comes to maintaining their fence. While a traditional wood fence may have sentimental value, the long-term ownership costs can easily exceed the cost of a vinyl fence. If pure functionality is their main concern (keeping their beloved in and others out), a chain-link fence is great value.


My overall take


Installing a fence is not a DIY project. Hire licensed professionals. Fence installation is a construction project that requires pulling permits, locating underground utilities, determining legal property boundaries, and installing things to code. If you mess up any one of these things, you can be in for long-lasting troubles.

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