How To Choose The Right Designer Dog Bowls

by Sharon Jones Content Marketing

Does your dog have long ears or a short nose? When it comes to buying a utensil in which your four-legged family member will have his/her meals, most people consider factors, such as durability, prices, and stylishness. They forget that a doggie’s physical characteristics play a crucial role in the choice of the feeding vessel. Apart from the physical characteristics, manufacturers pay attention to designing the bowls in such a way that they can satisfy the requirements of the pooch. It means that different dogs need different kinds of feeding utensils. Your choice of the vessel will allow your pet to consume his/her food slowly, improve his/her posture, and even relieve stress imparted on joints.


Here are the different types of feeding vessels to look into.


To reduce the speed of eating: Generally, dogs tend to gobble up their food as swiftly as possible. As soon as you pour food into the dish and call your doggie, the food vanishes in a matter of seconds. Indeed, pooches tend to be fast eaters, but while gulping down the food, they tend to swallow a lot of air. It causes indigestion, gas, regurgitation, or even fatal conditions, such as stomach bloating. Human beings can also experience the same problem. That’s why you should look for designer dog bowls on Posh Puppy Boutique that force your dog to eat slowly. Slow feeder vessels can reduce the rate at which your furry family member consumes his/her food.


Narrow openings: A few stores feature designer dog bowls with narrow openings and wide bases. These are the dishes that you need to choose for your pooch if he/she has long ears. Basset hounds tend to have long ears, and they can benefit from eating from such utensils. The narrow opening of the vessel will keep your dog’s ears from meddling in while he/she is eating. By preventing his/her ears from entering the dish, it will keep the insides clean.


Deep dishes: Deep vessels for dogs are mandatory if your pet has a long nose. Collies and dachshunds have long noses. The steeper side of the feeding utensil will give your pet extra room so that he/she can accommodate his/her nose properly. He/she will be much more comfortable feeding from such a vessel than anything else.


Shallow ones: The shallow utensils are for dogs with short noses, such as bulldogs and pugs, small breeds, and puppies. With these vessels, Fido won’t have to struggle to get the food. If the dish is too deep, then it can put extra pressure on his/her neck and throat while eating.


Elevated dishes: Finally, elevated utensils are for dogs that are recovering from surgeries or are arthritic. Due to the elevated nature of these dishes, your pet won’t have to stoop or strain too much to reach his/her food. It also prevents him/her from staining his/her joints.


Final words


The information given here should help you understand the necessity of different kinds of feeding vessels for different dogs. So, the next time you go shopping for a dish for your pet, make sure that you choose it based on the user’s needs.


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