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Choosing a career could be a tedious job. I have seen many who circumstantially choose a wrong career and repent for life. I do not want you to be so helpless while choosing your career. I, through specific astrological knowledge, will help in selecting the right kind of career for you. Selecting the right career depends mainly on two basic factors. One is your Aptitude, Nature, Passion & Interest you have in life. And second is the indication of the right career in your birth chart. 

Selecting the right career needs a perfect blending of these two factors – your birth chart and your aptitude, passion, and interest in the present life. Selecting any career without considering both these factors in tandem will likely result in a wrong career selection.

Can astrology help me choosing the right career? 

There are specific planets and houses in a birth chart indicating the best career for you. With the help of astrology, you can get an idea of the best career as per your sign. The subject of selecting a career is among the two most complicated topics in astrology. It is extremely difficult to explain all the intricacies of career selection in a single write-up. There are different tools in astrology help you choosing the right career. Let us understand these factors separately in little more detail.

At what stage should we decide about career selection? 

There are different stages where one needs to exercise his right to decide about the career. 

The first stage: Deciding career selection is while choosing the education stream. 

The second stage: Select a field in which you want to pursue a career further. The more close it is to the education stream you selected, the better are the success chances. 

The third stage: Job or business? Or want to be a self-employed professional. 

Fourth stage: Where you want to settle, i.e., within your own country or want to go abroad.

Now, let’s understand the right career according to your Sign.

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Choose the right career according to your Sign

Yes, the zodiac sign indicates the right career as per astrology for a person. All the Zodiac Signs are divided into four essential elements, i.e., Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. So, all zodiac signs are subdivided into fiery, watery, airy, and earthy signs. As per their character, any learned astrologer can tell you about the best career for you that too as per your Zodiac Signs.

Which House is seen for career selection?

After taking a broad idea from various career options for Zodiac Signs, the Astrologer should see the 10th House and its Lord for a person’s best career option. After seeing the 10th House in the birth chart & its Lord for best career selection, astrologers should check the planets in the 10th House of the birth chart. Then the simultaneous evaluation of D9 – D-10 along with D-1 needs to be done. One should further verify the Jamini Sutram rules & simultaneous analysis of Chandra Kala Nadi rules. A more accomplished astrologer may even read the D-60 chart for selecting the best career option for you. 

To conclude: The selection of a career is the essence of a person’s life. Therefore do not be in haste. After selecting the right career based on the above two factors, the next question is whether one should do a job or business? Or should one become a self-employed professional? Then the final question is where to settle for a career? Whether should one settle in their own country or go abroad for career settlement? These two questions also need a comprehensive narration, which you will find in my other articles. Now all these explanations are based on the basic rules of Vedic astrology. However, for a particular birth chart, it is always recommended to consult a good Career Astrologer


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