How to choose a high quality pellet machine?

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How to choose a high quality pellet machine?

People always say that the one suit better, the best. It is also applicable when select a pellet machine. So what is the most suitable pellet machine for different customer and how to choose the most suitable pellet machine?
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you need to know about all  these

  • Appearance. The paint sprayed on the surface of pellet machine should be firm, without any leakage paint, sagging or falling off. plating coating should be solid, surfaces should polished brightly and without corrosion in any part. No lose of spare parts. Stainless steel parts should be smooth, no knock bumps.
  • In addition to check the fasten situation of body and chassis, the motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis of the pellet machine, the flat-die pellet machine also need to check the template lock nut and pellet cutter assembly quality, ring die pellet machine main inspection template. The fastening bolts are tight. And check the pressure roller bracket and roller fastening.
  • Check the gap between the die and the pressure roller wall. Insert two pieces of paper in the gap between the pressure roller and ring die wall to feel if it is a little hard to pull them out. After the adjustment, tight the screw nut in time and install the protective cover. After confirming that there is no foreign matter in the shield and the ring die, rotate the ring die by hand, the spindle should spin briskly, and there is no phenomenon of jamming and scratching.
  • Observe ring die in the rotation directly to judge if there is beating phenomenon or not. whether it will rub with other parts. Open the powder feeding cage observation port, check whether there are foreign objects in the cage. Make sure the machine runs smoothly without any noise. Repeated open repression warehouse door, test whether it is easy to open and close, and whether it can closed tightly. In particular, pay attention to the tightness of the  press chamber and the reliability of the lock at the coupling of the material feed cage. Make sure there is no leakage of raw material.
  • Adjust the pellet knife in different positions, and repeatedly tighten the nut to check its function is reliable or not.
  • Performance testing. Before commissioning, check the lubrication of the gear box and the lubrication points within the machine first . Check if any abnormal conditions happen. There should be no irregular vibration when the pelleting machine work without material, no impact sound of the gear and the feeding winch and the stirring shaft are rubbed against each other.
  • Product inspection. Pellets should have smooth surfaces, neat sections, and no cracks them. Pellets are hard to be crushed by hand, and the finished product specifications should be uniform. pellet product qualification rate of not less than 95%.
  • Choose the applicable roller and die. Choosing the pellet die for the first time, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the die whether it is consistent with the relevant technical specifications, with manufacturing defects or not. Be aware of choosing complete sets of roller and die.
  • To see the manufacturer’s scale and reputation. Good production conditions coupled with high-tech talent lay a foundation of achieving a higher level of  production in making the biological pellet machine equipment. If a company’s production environment and production equipment is relatively backward, then the precision of equipment not high, and this will lead to unstable equipment operation. If there is no good technical and high-tech staff support, equipment that produced will lags behind others, losing the priority choose of customers.
  • Look at the working conditions of employees, a good business is certainly very good management, in administration, corporate culture has done quite well, so that employees will produce good products, as some companies work more chaotic form of work, work Workshop and office smoking, noisy. To work late and leave early, these are indirectly affect the system of a company, but affected the pursuit of product quality. 
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