How to choose a coffee maker

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A coffee maker will come in handy for everyone who makes coffee every day or a little less frequently. The device will help to simplify the preparation of the drink: just pour coffee into it, pour water and wait for 3-5 minutes.

But remember that the result obtained - the strength, taste and aroma of coffee - depends largely on the type of coffee maker. For example, espresso lovers do not make sense to buy a drip coffee maker - it only makes filtered coffee (Americano).

Let's figure out how to choose a coffee maker, taking into account taste preferences and ease of use.


Geyser coffee maker consists of two containers. The lower is designed for water, the upper - for the finished drink. Between them there is a filter, where the ground coffee is poured. Capacities are connected by a siphon tube. When the coffee pot is heated, hot steam pushes the water up through the siphon tube through the filter with the coffee. In this way, extraction occurs.


  • strong rich taste of the drink;
  • low price;
  • ease of use;
  • compact design;
  • you can also make tea and herbal tea.


  • you need to watch the cooking;
  • over time, the rubber gaskets wear out.

Note that the tube rises water, not steam. The steam is too hot, it would spoil the drink.

Coffee Options. It is best to use freshly ground coffee from a bean grinder. Coffee grinding is medium. Extraction - 2-5 minutes. If you buy ground coffee take "for espresso" or "for filter". Ground coffee "for a turkey" is not suitable.

How to use coffee maker. Unfold the containers. Pour water into the lower one, pour coffee into the filter. For a rich flavor you can slightly crush the coffee with a spoon. Place the filter in the lower vessel, screw on the upper vessel. Now put the coffee maker on the fire.

Care. Unwind the coffee maker and rinse all parts with warm water. Do not use dishwashing chemicals. Some coffee makers can be washed in the dishwasher - see the instructions for your model.


The drip coffee maker is the simplest electric device for brewing coffee. The main parts are the coffee pot, the heater, the water tank and the coffee pot.


  • you can make a lot of coffee at once;
  • ease of use;
  • no need to monitor the brewing process;
  • the beverage is continuously heated.

  • you need to pour a lot of ground coffee;
  • low strength of the drink (although this is not necessarily a disadvantage).

Water from the tank goes to the heater, then in the form of a water-steam mixture rises into the compartment with the coffee through a special tube. In the compartment, the steam condenses, under natural pressure, the water seeps through the ground coffee and flows into the coffee pot. Even if all the water flows into the pot, the heater continues to work, maintaining the temperature of the drink.

Coffee parameters. Grind - closer to medium, it is better not to use store ground coffee labeled "for espresso". The finer the grinding, the stronger the coffee.

How to use. Pour the coffee into the coffee compartment. Pour clean (not boiled) cold water into the tank. Switch appliance on.

Care. It is necessary to periodically clean the device from limescale. You should also rinse the water and coffee containers.

Electric Turkturka

Electric kettle is a compact coffee maker, similar to a small electric kettle without a lid. The shape resembles that of a classic distillery. The container is placed on a round electric stand.


  • the coffee is almost indistinguishable from the coffee made in a classic carafe;
  • easy care due to the lack of filters and other elements;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • automatic models are self-tracking crema and turns off.


  • difficult to find models with auto shut off;
  • boiling is too fast.

When choosing, pay attention to the volume of the body. It should correspond to the volume of coffee you usually make. There is no sense to brew 300 ml of coffee in a liter carafe. The best material is metal or ceramic, plastic spoils the taste. The thicker the walls - the better.

How to use. Like a usual kettle: pour clean water, pour 1-3 spoons of coffee and wait for boiling. A lot of electric brewers have a problem: they heat up too quickly. Therefore, it is better to bring the coffee to a boil 2 times, or even better - 3-5 times.

Care. It is enough to rinse the container after making a drink.


The siphon coffee maker is a modern household appliance for making coffee in a rare siphon method, invented back in the 19th century. It consists of a brew block with handle, glass flask with lid, stainless steel siphon tube and filters.


rich flavor of the drink;

large volume;

ease of use;

no need to monitor the preparation.

The possibility to see how the coffee is made.

The working principle is simple: water is heated and the steam pressure rises through a tube through the coffee powder from the brewing unit into a glass flask. Then the brewed coffee, which has gathered in the upper part, is sucked through a tube into the brewing unit under vacuum. And you can watch this whole beautiful process.

How to use. Pour the coffee into the glass flask, pour water into the brewing unit, turn on the device.

Care. After making coffee, rinse the containers.

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