How to Be Instagram Famous in 2019

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A few years ago Twitter was a big thing, then there was Vine, then Facebook...makes you wonder what makes people famous these days. Instagram today is a treasure for not only people (considering how many memes and party themes they score from the app), but also marketers who want to convert these users into consumers. However unlike popular belief, it is really hard to become famous on instagram. Seo Sydney says that there is way more that goes into creating a popular instagram profile. In such a case, here are some of tips you can take from this post in order to become an “influencer” on Instagram.

Keyword Research 

Finding ways of being discovered on Instagram is very similar to search engine optimization. You have to look for appropriate keywords that can be used as hashtags that users are likely to click on. You should at least use 11 hashtags to have the most impact. Choosing the wrong hashtags not only makes you look tacky but also has no positive impact on gaining new following. 

Relevant and targeted- pick the right keywords that will help you gain more popularity.


A great way of getting people to be engaged with your page is to positively inspire people. People feel good when they are inspired and when that is the case, they end up liking the person who inspired them. 


Ever noticed why influencers always have giveaways? That is because this is a sure shot way of getting a huge following at once. If the gifts you giveaway are nice, there is a possibility that people will end up following you for good and you will have a more engaged following than most people.


A reason why lifestyle bloggers are so popular is because they show lives that a normal person wants to live. People like seeing things that they want to have. You, as a blogger just starting out would probably not be able to afford a luxury like that. In such a case you can instead capture the nice moments in your life and upload those instead. These are often appreciated by many regardless of how famous you are.


Don't just like photos on Instagram. Instead, you should leave in positive comments on people’s photos so that you are not only appreciated by the user, but also by the followers. There are 575 likes on Instagram every second, but only 81 comments.

Target Hashtags

You can determine the hashtags you should use on your posts via websites like websta that feature the most popular hashtags on it daily. This will get your profile “out there” and help you be noticed by more people than you already are.

Post daily

Or post more photos- but be sure not flood people’s feeds with your photographs. That will definitely make you an unlikeable figure that is bound to be unfollowed really quickly. There are three metrics that people see that makes them decide if they want to follow you or not: 

Posts, Followers, Following

The first two factors are incredibly important in helping people decide if they want to follow you or not. You should, at least early on, work really hard to build up a good portfolio by taking good photos. If you have more than one good photo to share, be sure to give it a rest for a couple of days before using the same product rather than tiring out your follower by posting the photo of the same thing multiple times.

Seo company perth say that there are automated bots that help you decide whether your page is doing well, whether the tags that you have utilised have been optimized, and whether your posts are getting an appropriate number of people engaged with your content or not.

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