How music helps to manage diabetes

by Sunny Popli Manager

How Music Helps To Manage Diabetes

So, you’ve heard that music therapy helps in managing diabetes. But do you know how it actually does? Well, here in this article, we will be explaining it all – including benefits, influence and more.

Diabetes is becoming more common day by day. While some people use oral medication, diet modification, and do daily exercise to control diabetes and maintain blood glucose levels. Still, the use of music for controlling diabetes has been seen more than ever and has proved to be effective as well.

Firstly, it helps by relaxing blood vessels, regulating blood circulation, and stabilizing blood glucose levels. Secondly, taking music lessons can have a soothing effect, replacing negative thoughts, fear, and anxiety with positive emotions.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of music therapy

Music therapy works by the coordination between beats of music and the patient's heartbeat. When beats of music match with the normal heartbeat, it creates a soothing effect. Similarly, when the beats are slower than the average heart rate, it brings calmness, while beats of music higher than the heartbeat cause excitement. So, in all cases, results seem to be positive.

Moreover, taking music lessons brings a lot of benefits to one's life. Especially for diabetic people, it helps them by

        Promoting good quality of sleep and appetite

        Boost immune system

        Decreases stress level

        Improves mental health

        Reduces anxiety level and depression

        Improves blood flow and relax blood vessels

        Maintains blood pressure and pulse rate

        Helps in exercising

        Supports the functioning of muscles and nerves.

Influence of music on diabetes

Music helps in controlling the level of glucose that ultimately impacts diabetes. Listening to music produces an antibody immunoglobulin A that helps in boosting the immunity level. Music reduces mental stress like anxiety, depression and shifts your focus by calming you down, bringing positive thoughts. However, it depends upon the type of music.

Most music therapists play ragas used in Classical Hindustani music. Some ragas like Raga Kafi, Raga Bihaga, Raga Lalita, Raga Ramkali are quite common to use as musical therapy.

Moreover, as diabetic people tend to improve their lifestyle by exercising, listening to music stimulates their muscles, making them more active to outperform in any exercise. Last but not least, it improves the quality of sleep and eating patterns that are important for treating diabetes.

How music helps manage diabetes

Now that we know about the benefits of music therapy and its influence on diabetes, it’s crucial to know how music helps manage diabetes.

       Listening to music relaxes blood vessels.

Listening to music makes you feel happy and helps to relax blood vessels. A study by Journal Circulation in 2008 shows that people who listened to the music of their own taste had resulted in arteries expansion of the upper arm to 26%. And when they listened to other music that made them anxious, their arteries contracted by 6%.

       Music helps in the regulation of blood circulation.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pavia in Italy found the positive effect of music in regulating blood circulation. They stated that a gradual increase in music loudness increases the heart rate while relaxing phases of music have the reverse effect. Moreover, the same results were seen in diabetic patients.

       Effect of music on the level of cortisol and blood glucose

Music therapy reduces the production of hormones, i.e., cortisol that ultimately decreases the stress level. Research on the effect of music on cortisol and blood glucose level by Tabrizi E and othersproved that their blood glucose level decreased when they were exposed to a music group.

       Music stabilizes pulse and blood pressure.

It also helps in maintaining blood pressure and pulse rate by creating electromagnetic waves that influence it. It makes your muscles and nerves perform better.

What Other Medical Problems Can Music Therapy Heal Apart from Diabetes?

Music not only plays a positive role in curing diabetes but also is effective for other medical problems. For instance, it helps to cure depression, stress, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, hypertension, autism, cardiac conditions, pre-natal development, etc.


No doubt, music on its own is not the ultimate solution to cure diabetes. But using music therapy for treating diabetes is now becoming a common practice, and rightly so. The use of music therapy reduces stress and anxiety, expands blood vessels, increases immunity, etc., resulting in instant healing, which ultimately, reduces the use of medications.

Moreover, music not only helps in diabetes but also is also beneficial for other medical problems. If you are finding ways to improve the quality of your life to help you control diabetes. Then here’s a simple way. Bring music to your lifestyle and see the changes it brings to your overall health and life!

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