How Mobile Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business: Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology

by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder

Critics predict that within the upcoming few years, the majority of users accessing the internet will be doing this by using their mobile phones. That is particularly true in countries with limited broadband or landline access to the internet. As a result, pioneering internet marketers and retailers are concentrating on mobile marketing techniques and mobile website design to ensure they'll be leading the field.

The amount of global mobile users combined together with the increasing accessibility and affordability of mobile technology has changed the way in which that your community and potential customers are accessing the internet to find out about products, services and information. This article looks at how mobile marketing can be highly beneficial for your business growth.

Mobile phones or co-called smart phones, allow visitors to access the internet whilst on the go. Instead of relying solely upon accessing the internet via desk-tops at home or work, users can go online whilst waiting for your bus, waiting for the kettle to boil, or sitting watching tv on their sofa, or maybe in the tub.

Mobile internet users spend some time in their own phone to search for information, play games, connect on social media platforms, go shopping, download music, or check their emails. For these users, mobile online shopping represents time savings, convenience, spontaneous buying opportunities, and the chance to take advantage of instant deals.

This flexibility reflects users' capacity to look at any time or place and also to answer buying stimulus from everyday conversations, TV or radio prompts, or passing a poster or sign in the street. Keeping track with these changes can help you successfully adapt to these shifting behaviors by offering user-friendly, accessible mobile websites or mobile apps.

Using tools such as Google AdWords' keyword tool, you can see what search phrases and keywords are being used from mobile platforms. This will give you insights as to what the search criteria are right for users - many searches are driven by local needs. Understanding that most of your potential customers will search for local support and services via their phone can help you align your marketing and customer service to meet these local needs.

Driving customers into a mobile site through social media marketing and online marketing will help you gain increased traffic out of those who are actively using the internet by using their phones. Once they are in your mobile site, you'll need to make sure your customer stay and later return for future purchases.

Consumer research has revealed that mobile users' expectations demand an excellent experience. Any number of (avoidable) issues can cause your customer to leave your mobile site in frustration ranging from functionality problems, forms which have not been adjusted for a mobile platform, and overall lousy design issues.

A disappointing or unsatisfying encounter is not well tolerated and leaves a poor feeling in the mobile internet user. They will probably not return to the mobile website, or use alternative channels to buy goods or services by a company as a result. Investing in good mobile site design and functionality therefore makes good business sense given the significant movement towards mobile internet use.

Adjusting your direct marketing is another way of adapting to the increase in cell phone use. Unlike email marketing, text message marketing can have a impact with these prospective customers. Mobile phone owners have a higher rate of opening text messages (approx. 90 percent) than email marketing (approx. 20%) which ensures that the higher percentage of folks are reading your sales messages.

Statistics show that typically, text messages are read with the target audience within five minutes of this being sent. This is as a result of logistics and partly due to mind-set. On the 1 hand, mobile users tend to keep their cell phone within reach almost 24 hours per day. This level of access into some customer is all but unprecedented in marketing provisions.

In addition, the expectations and behavior of phone users disagree markedly against the "traditional" computer user who is deluged with junk and junk emails. Phone users can appear as relatively nave and increasingly accepting of messages in comparison to other classes but could be interpreted as a result of age demographics. Yet, as all mobile users can select out to receive future messages, targeting and segmenting your messages to reach the maximum likely prospect is important.

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An additional marketing development available since the launch of smart phone technology is marketing via Multimedia Message Services, or MMS. The most recent generation of smart phones with colour screens can receive MMS messages which really are a sequenced slideshow of text, image, video and audio media. Such a combination can provide a powerful and entertaining marketing material, having a greater impact than static emails.

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To make this the majority of this evolving medium online marketers and retailers must acknowledge that the need to make changes with their business model. They need to invest time and resources in understanding how their customers are now using the internetand the chances offered by the new technology and how consumer behavior is changing as a result. Businesses who can provide a good and enjoyable mobile internet experience will enjoy increased traffic, customer satisfaction, and growth.

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