How Medical SEO Helps Healthcare Practices Grow Faster

by Shubham Yadav Digital Marketing Expert

For the physicians, who locally operate their practices and are looking to grow, Medical SEO is a perfect way without any second thought. It allows them to attract more online audiences, which is helpful in the growth of their practices.

A large number of medical practitioners are using the World Wide Web today in order to get in touch with new, and here medical SEO comes into the picture. Creating a website is the first step in this regard, but, this is not enough. It is also necessary to be visible on search engines, and this is accomplished by the SEO process.

If you follow some simple SEO steps for your medical website, it will definitely produce sustainable results. The approach to SEO comprises of two main components viz. On-page and Off-page SEO. While doing on page SEO, keyword selection is a key component. Certain keywords associated with your website come at the top search results, and this is the way your website drives traffic. In addition to this, while doing off page SEO, links to your website are added at a number of sites, portals, and social media platforms. These links act as a gateway to your website. Here are some of the aspects, on which you need to work for the growth of your website. A few of them have already been mentioned above in brief, which you can read below comprehensively.

1. Research the Phrases that Users Search Most on Search Engines

When some of your potential clients have to search for the services you are offering, the perfect way is to make combinations of services and cities. For example, when they have to look for a kidney specialist in New York, they can search “kidney specialist New York” or “kidney specialist in New York”, or there can be a number of keywords that can be searched. Therefore, some of the keywords are easy to search on the basis of estimates.

You can also use some tools for keyword research and make your research more precise. Its always a good idea to use some unique long tail keywords. There are a number of phrases that can be used by the users and practically saying, it is not possible for every website doing SEO to come at the top position with similar keywords. So, some tools are used for searching of the unique keywords. One of the major names in this regard is Google keyword planner. The auto suggestions of Google can also be used to extract keywords for your website.

2. Medical SEO brings relevant traffic to Your Website

Key objective of any business or medical practice is to drive traffic relevant to the services offered. You need to ensure that the audiences who visit your website are your potential clients. When there is no optimization, the traffic you get on your website may not be relevant to your services. SEO helps you in getting the right audiences on your site, visitors who have a higher probability of turning into your clients. Done correctly, the SEO process targets the right market segment for your practice.

3. Meaningful Backlinks

Adding backlinks is unquestionably a prominent part of the Medical SEO process, which cannot be ignored. It helps the potential client to come in your touch in two ways. First of all, the links are added to the websites, which are relevant according to your services. Therefore, the visitors of these websites come to know about your services.

Secondly, the backlinks show the popularity of your website to search engines, which helps in increasing the ranking of your site. As a result, the traffic of your website is increased with the help of these links. In fact, the high traffic generated because the backlink is one of the reasons that give your site a higher ranking.

4. Your Location on Google Maps

When your location is added on Google and other maps, the users searching for your medical services see your practice listed. Moreover, it also helps the patients reaching your clinic or hospital. Today, smartphones are the major sources used for searching the services as well as the locations. When the patients are on the way, they use their phones to search the way for your place.

5. Local SEO for General Physicians

It is well-known that people like to search the general physician in their areas. So, if you are a general physician, you need to target the local audiences. This is done with the help of local SEO. Your website comes at top ranking when someone in your area searches for your services. Besides, Google map listing as mentioned above is a perfect solution in case of local SEO.

6. Social Media Presence

Although Social Media Marketing is supposed to be a standalone service, but during the SEO process also, some social media promotion is done. It is a known fact that social media is a major process to reach among masses today. Using Social Media, your services are explained to the audiences on social media sites in a manner that does not seem like a sales pitch.

Here, it will also be good to mention that you can get the comprehensive social media optimization package along with SEO, to get a much stronger presence over the social media websites.

7. Content drives the Medical SEO Process

Content creation is a major part of SEO. Knowledge-based blogs and articles establish your practice as a thought leader in your field. You can write your own blog posts and articles, which are used by our SEO experts, or specialized Medical SEO writers can write the content as per your instructions.

Bringing your knowledge is an excellent way to impress the readers who can further turn to your client. Google and other search engines love unique, original content. After the latest Google algorithm update, Google clearly announced the creating a great content is a major source to increase the ranking of your website. There are different types of content which are added.

  • On-site webpage content.
  • On-site blog content.
  • Off-site article and blog content.
  • Social media content.
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