How do Braces for Kids Differ from Braces for Adults?

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Braces are no fun, but they can be a part of your orthodontic journey. You may have heard that children's braces differ from adult braces—and that even though they're smaller and lighter, they still work just as well. But what exactly makes them different? And do kids' braces really give my child the same results as adults do? You can consult all about this with your San Jose orthodontist, and meanwhile, we're also going to answer these questions and more below!

There is no difference in how braces are made

There are many different materials that orthodontists use to make braces. The most common materials include metal, plastic, nylon, and ceramic. In some cases, titanium is also used for children's braces.

The main differences in these materials are their durability and how long they last once installed on your teeth. While each material has its own unique characteristics, none of them are better than the others at correcting crooked teeth or spacing issues -- they just have different pros and cons when it comes to the longevity of results after treatment ends!

Children's braces are smaller and lighter than adult braces.

The good news is that kids' braces are smaller and lighter than adult braces. That means they're not as noticeable, which makes the whole process less embarrassing for kids.

The materials used in children's braces are also different from those used for adults. Kids' brackets are smaller than adult brackets and made of different material (usually plastic). This can make them more comfortable for young patients because they don't rub against their gums as much as larger metal brackets do.

Children's brackets are thinner and flatter than adult brackets.

Children's brackets are thinner and flatter than adult brackets. This is because children's teeth are more flexible, which makes it easier for the teeth to move into place.

  • The size of the bracket can vary depending on your child's age.

  • The thickness of the wires used in braces also affects how quickly treatment will be completed, as well as whether there will be any discomfort during treatment (such as soreness from biting down).

Children's retainers have a more ergonomic fit than adult retainers.

  • Retainers for kids are smaller and more comfortable, making it easier to wear them for long periods of time.

  • They're also made with a more ergonomic fit, so they don't irritate your child's mouth or jawline.

  • Finally, the material is usually flexible enough that you can mold it into any shape needed to fit properly in your child's mouth (unlike adult retainers).

You can get the same results from your orthodontic treatment with kids' braces as you do with adults'.

You can get the same results from your orthodontic treatment with kids' braces as you do with adults', but you might want to go for a more comfortable experience for your child.

Kids' teeth are more sensitive than adult teeth, so they need to be treated with extra care. That's why there are some key differences between kids' and adults' braces:

  • Kids' brackets are thinner and flatter than adult brackets, so they don't protrude from the gum line as much. This helps protect gums from irritation or damage caused by rubbing against sharp edges during chewing and brushing.

  • The wires used in most kids' devices are also made of softer material than those used in adult appliances--and sometimes these wires are even waxed instead of being stainless steel (which makes them even less likely to cause discomfort).

  • The bands that connect each bracket onto its corresponding archwire vary depending on the manufacturer; some come preloaded onto one end while others require you slip them over before attaching them together manually.


We hope you've enjoyed this overview of children's braces and their differences from adult braces. So, now, when you are looking to get your kids braces in San Jose, or elsewhere, you have a clear idea of how these differ from the adults' and what you should expect in the treatment from the orthodontist.

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