How Danger is Effect of Masturbation on the Health of Males and Females? Stop Masturbation Now

by Advik Verma Heath Consultant
SUMMARY: Masturbation is a natural and health behaviour to have a sexual satisfaction by exploring one’s self. This sexual act when done in excess may lead to some severe side effects. Here we come up with general methods to stop Masturbation.

When an individual stimulates their genitals for the sexual pleasure then it is termed as Masturbation. It plays a role as a healthy sexual development and is very common among both males and females. It is highly safe and natural way to explore yourself, feel pleasure, and release built-up sexual tension. People of all genders, backgrounds and races, can experience it but if you jerk off more often than it can negatively influence your relationships and everyday life.

Danger side effects of Masturbation:

Some of the major side effects of masturbation that effects the health of both males and females included.

1. The Energy Element is decrease as masturbation uses lots of energy
2. Addiction to masturbation can result in scores of biological changes in the body.
3. Erectile Dysfunction, the most prominent side effects of excessive masturbating.
4. Neurological problems are closely related to excessive masturbation.
5. Premature Ejaculation is also linked with excessive masturbation.
6. Affects Sex Life as it dampens the pleasure substantially and one may not feel like to have sex with partner.
7. Makes You Feel Drowsy, because of excess dopamine that is released in the brain due to frequent sex.
8. If you masturbate more than 6-7 times a week and see yourself losing hair, well, you shouldn't be surprised that’s the most common side effect of excessive masturbation.
9. Leads to memory loss because regular masturbation can e responsible for release of excessive dopamine in the brain.
10. Loss of Interest in Sex as Masturbation affects testosterone levels in the body.
11. Individual who masturbate more tends to age faster.

How to Stop Masturbation?

The various methods to stop masturbation include:

1. Give your brain a fuel by keeping yourself busy. Like super busy. 
2. Exhaust yourself to sleep, start working out. Join a gym.
3. Keep yourself around company.
4. Avoid watching porns.
5. Yes, it’s normal but doing it excessive may harm your system.
6. Avoid thoughts you get from the incestuous or BDSM or hook up domain
7. If the above mention methods do not work, then we suggest you to seek counseling from your doctor. We assure you that your doctor will keep it within him, as it is a legal disclosure.

Many online e-drug store offer the wellness products for your better health. Choose the trusted online pharmacy India that offers the range of sexual medication that may help in treating the addiction to masturbation.

You can buy sexual wellness products online from these online stores as prescribed to you by your doctor and helps you in controlling the urge of masturbation.

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